Teacher Training Programs

We offer a number of paths & trainings to become a yoga teacher. Quality education is our value.

Yoga Moves Vinyasa Teacher Training (RYT 200 hours)

Do what you love! Deepen your practice. And learn how to teach.

Master the fundamentals, broaden your understanding of yoga, help you to find your voice, your confidence and learn how to share your love of yoga! Completing our program will mark the beginning of your new life as a skilled and inspired yoga teacher.

From day one we will guide you in deepening your practice and honing your skills to become a confident and empowering teacher. Become a source of inspiration begins with your own personal yoga practice, both on and off the mat. Yoga is not just physical gymnastics, but a practice of the heart, mind and spirit. Be prepared to push your mental and physical boundaries through this journey.

We offer the Vinyasa Teacher Training (200 hours) in 2 formats. Both programs have the same curriculum and hours of training:

The Yoga Moves program (est. 2001) is one of the Netherlands top teacher training courses for fluid vinyasa based powerful yoga. We set the standard for quality in training and we get results: our graduates are some of the hottest yogi’s in The Netherlands and around the world!

Ready to jump in and go on a journey with us? 

The Yoga Moves Teacher Training Approach

What style of yoga is the Yoga Moves teacher training?

Expect to learn how to teach a creative yoga flow that integrates great and deep body alignment. Vinyasa Flow is a creative and grounded approach to building the experience of yoga. It incorporates the essentials of alignment, breath coordinated movement (principles of vinyasa), focus or dristi and core or bandhas. Multi-level sequencing will be explored as a way to integrate an effective, creative and dynamic teaching method based upon vinyasa-krama (stages of evolution) and pose /counter-pose. We will also integrate alignment–based awareness (origins: Iyengar) in your teaching and practice.

What can I expect from the program?

  • Practical & down-to-earth information to apply as a yogi and teacher
  • Challenging classes bringing your own practice to new levels
  • Working with senior trainers who will really get to know you personally
  • Learn why some people need a different approach; start to see and respond to people, their bodies, and their potential
  • Learn to teach a balanced yet flowing class for beginners and intermediate students
  • Explore your breath and learn how to teach it
  • Develop a sound understanding of working from the foundation up; learn how to work with props.
  • How to intelligently build and teach creative yoga classes that are fun, beautiful and inspirational.
  • Become a teacher that has students coming back for more!
People say

"I really loved the course and the energy of the teachers and students. I learned sooooo much! It has made me even hungrier to go deeper into yoga."

Happy Student Teacher Trainee

It made me realise I’m still at the beginning and that there’s a whole world out there to discover! It made a big change in my life.

Eva Student

Just loved the training, made me love yoga even more, made me want to learn more, made me want to get involved more. Made me want to teach more!

Sarah Teacher Trainee

I found out this training is a journey, aiming not to become someone who knows all the yoga poses perfectly, but to become who you are, so you can inspire others."

Brechtje Teacher Trainee

It was hard to learn yoga again – after knowing yoga as a practice – learning to teach yoga is very different from practicing it. I have learned so much!

Radj Teacher Trainee

Become a real teacher!

Someone who can respond, see people and inspire potential.


The curriculum of both the long program as the intensive model are the same. 

Your Practice in Depth

To teach yoga means you practice yoga. We focus on your own  practice. We will give you lots of experience to feel and deepen your  practice, learning the vinyasa principles combined with intelligent application of alignment, to enhance your flow of energy and awareness.

Yoga Philosophy

Without grounding in yoga philosophy, yoga may as well be another sport or another addiction we add to our list of attachments. You will be introduced to the essential basic concepts, the history, development and application of classical Indian philosophical thought.

Anatomy & Physiology

This part of the course introduces you to the basic principles of the physiology of the human body with consideration to specific physiological mechanisms activated or affected by yoga practices.

Teaching Methods

You will learn and study the language of the body, how to respond to individuals and situations while moving a group forward. Develop your verbal and non-verbal instruction, visual demonstration, touch, voice, assist your students to find their potential. Learn how to teach safely and creatively in beginners, multi-level and experienced classes including attention on the breath, lifestyle and the principles of yoga.

Study & Homework

Let’s be honest: students tell us this course is challenging! You will be asked to read a lot, practice a lot, observe classes, and prepare some assignments.

You will start practice teaching starting immediately in your own environment, reading a number of books, and will meet your study group regularly.


We want you to grow, so we integrate personal feedback of your practice and teaching all the way through. You will get to know the trainers and they will get to know you.


At the end of the program you will have a few points of final evaluation, including your practice, theory, and evaluation of you teaching a class. We ask you to attend, observe classes a minimum number of with the trainers from the teacher-training program

Yoga Alliance Certification

Compared to other schools we offer more contact training hours and ask serious commitment from students. Upon successful completion of the program, you can register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200 (internationally recognised Yoga Teacher certificate).

Upcoming program dates

We currently offer 2 programs a year.

  • One starts each year in January and is offered approx. one long weekend a month for approx. 8 months.
  • The second is offered as a more intensive program in the summer / fall period. In 2019 it will be in The Hague at the YogaSeads studio.

Dates Summer/Fall Program 2019 in The Hague:

Times will be 11.00-19.00

  • 21-28 July (8 days)
  • 24-31 August (8 days)
  • 21-22 September (2 days)
  • 1-3 November (3 days)
  • 7-8 December (2 days)

Dates Long Program 2020 in Utrecht


  • 17-19 January
  • 21-23 February
  • 20-22 March
  • 24-26 April
  • 15-17 May
  • 29-31 May
  • 12-14 June
  • 3-5 July


“When I started doing yoga I never thought it would encompass and touch so many aspects of life…I found out this training is a journey, aiming not to become someone who knows all the yoga poses perfectly, but to become who you are, so you can inspire others.” – Brechtje

“It’s been a very special journey …Intense experience on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Learned a lot about yoga and myself. Met great people. Life experience, heart opener. My yoga practice has reached a new level and got a lot of tools to teach others.” – Happy Student

‘I learned to be closer to myself and that I do not have to ‘go away’ to get some rest or peace of mind. I can just turn inwards’
– Anonymous

“What a glorious bunch of young, enthusiastic, bright people I had the pleasure and honor of getting to know and working with…was the best thing about these last few months. I will look back at this time and a huge smile will cover my face! I found an incredible amount of useful material in the YM binder. I am sure I can refer to this later and find loads of helpful tips..I definitely feel confident teaching at beginners vinyasa yoga lesson right now… this practical approach really resonated with me.
– Anonymous

The studio is light and open and is suitable for yoga practice, The exercise we did with Hilary that helped define ourselves as yoga teachers was delightful and very creative and useful. Wonderful to see the positive blind spots we all have. Also a good example of positive team building.” – Susan Pijpers

Two years ago I started my search for a nice teachers training. My goal: going deeper for my own practice. …I made a list of yoga schools to visit before making a choice. Maybe power yoga, maybe Iyengar, Asthanga Vinyasa. Yoga Moves was the first on my list. Entering the building and meeting Hilary gave me the direct answer. Utrecht the city where I studied also made me happy…It was a nice experience! – Enthusiastic Student

My current teacher in The Hague – did teacher training with Yoga Moves, and she is a great teacher with solid knowledge of theory and a great practice. So, I was assured about the quality of the teacher training by looking at her as well. The combination of the program appealed to me the most. Even though I personally practise Ashtanga Vinyasa, I wanted the course that will go broader then only one yoga style. And I really like the atmosphere and people at Yoga Moves 🙂 – Trusting Student

Waarom ik voor de Yoga Moves teacher training heb gekozen. Ik heb naar andere opleidingen gekeken, maar toch gekozen voor de teacher training van Yoga Moves. De belangrijkste redenen waren:

* Een groep studenten in plaats van individueel,
* Een groep docenten die les geven en niet 1 docent die les geeft,
* 1 jaar (voor mij niet te kort en niet te lang) in plaats van een kortere intensieve opleiding of verspreid over meerdere jaren,
* Vinyasa yoga wat ik een prettige vorm van yoga vind,
* Inhoud van het programma (niet te ‘zweverig’). – Sandra

Goede vraag. Ik heb vooral gekozen voor jullie als school, de no-nonsens down to earth mentaliteit. Spiritueel en verbonden zonder zweverig te zijn. En vooral een plek waar iedereen welkom is, laagdrempelig en open. Voor dat ik bij Yoga Moves kwam ben ik diverse plekken geweest maar nergens mij zo thuis gevoeld. Zeer belangrijk, leuke, goede, inspirerende docenten elk op een eigen wijze waardoor je elke keer weer wordt verrast.  Het was dus niet zo zeer de stroming, het niveau of de locatie. Maar vooral jullie zelf die mijn keuze hebben bepaald.  – Happy Student

De afgelopen 10 jaar heb ik een heleboel verschillende yogavormen beoefend. Ik ben begonnen zelfs al 12 jaar geleden toen ik zwanger was van mn eerste kind, dus eerst zwangerschapsyoga. Door al deze verschillende vormen te hebben gedaan ben ik tot de conclusie gekomen dat de vinyasa yoga als vorm mij het meeste ligt.  Waarom dan jullie opleiding zo ver van huis? Heel simpel, ik heb in België niet zo’n school met die instelling en sfeer gevonden. – Curious Student

Ik vind verschillende vormen van yoga fijn, maar om te beoefenen ligt mijn voorkeur tot nu toe bij Ashtanga yoga en Iyengar yoga. Misschien totaal verschillende vormen, maar voor mijzelf werkt deze combinatie erg goed. Om deze reden heb ik voorafgaande aan mijn keuze dan ook gekeken naar de Ashtanga yoga Teacher Training (van Claudia Pradella) en de Iyengar yoga Teachertraining (B.K.S. Iyengar yoga institute Amsterdam).

Om de redenen dat ik denk dat de Yoga Moves teacher training een goede brede basis opleiding is (vanuit deze basis kan ik mij altijd nog meer richten op één vorm), het in een vertrouwde omgeving is, waar ik bekend ben met meerdere docenten en kan vertrouwen op goede kwaliteit, heb ik gekozen voor de teacher training bij Yoga Moves. –  Thoughtful student

The price for the 200 hour program starts at:

  • Only €2195   (Early bird until 15 May 2019)
  • Late bird is: €2395
  • We also have a pay in installments option: €1560 deposit plus 4 monthly installments of €265. See details of the payment arrangements in our application form.
  • Prices for program in 2020 will have a slight raise (approx €100). Enjoy our current prices until 30 July when you sign in by this date.

What is included?

Our fees are vat free, so no extra costs on top!
It includes all the course dates, The Yoga Moves Teacher Training manual, evaluations, observing in classes and student discounts from Yoga Moves.
It excludes the cost of books, travel, lunch & extra classes you may need to take. You will need to purchase approx €100 required books. Please wait for your welcome letter before purchasing the books.

Some people ask us whether they are ready

We cannot decide that for you. Instead, we encourage you to take a moment of reflection and ask yourself:

  • Do you practice yoga for at least 1-2 years with a consistent and regular practice? For example, 2-4 full yoga practices a week, preferably dynamic or vinyasa-based yoga.
  • Do you feel you understand how to combine breath-work, asanas and meditation?
  • Do you do your asana practice with ease, awareness and some insight into the “proper” alignment for your body?
  • How is your home practice? Can you create your own practice that is nurturing, powerful and satisfying?

You decide when your life is ready to commit to a teacher training. However, if you sign up for the Yoga Moves Vinyasa Teacher Training, we trust that you commit to learning how to deliver yogic knowledge ethically unto others.

How do I sign up (apply) for the program?

If you would like to sign up, this is our application form. 

Please read our Specific Conditions for Teacher Trainings as we find it important that you are informed.

We love to meet you before you start… so we can see your practice, have a small chat with you & so you can experience Yoga Moves! Especially if your in doubt or have more questions, please arrange to come to one of the trainers classes.

If you are interested or have questions, please email the Teacher Training Coordinator (training@yogamoves.nl)

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Vinyasa Teacher Training RYT 200 

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