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Thanks to a dose of vision, amazing (international) teachers, our excellent studio team and the generous volunteers that have worked for us throughout the years, Yoga Moves has grown into the thriving and popular yoga studio it is today.

Californian native Hilary Brown is the body, mind and spirit behind Yoga Moves. Having studied dance, yoga, psychology and public health, she is committed to helping improve quality of life through yoga.

Hilary started teaching yoga in a small rented studio in Utrecht in 2001. She offered classes in the American style she was used to: open, drop-in based, friendly, professional and challenging. Hilary soon started collaborating with other yoga teachers and set up the first qualified Power Yoga (Ashtanga based) teacher training offered in the Netherlands. Since then it has been developed into a world-class Vinyasa Teacher Training. Yoga Moves has trained over 350 teachers, many now renowned in the Netherlands and beyond.

In 2004, Hilary opened up the studio at its current location and changed the name of her yoga studio from Yoga Motion to Yoga Moves. Within just four years the studio became too small for the ever growing number of students and more space was added.

“Most of us live a life that is covered by expectations, unseen fears and habits of mind, body and speech. Our power and freedom lies in the practice of undoing these habits so that our naturally full and wild potential, radiance and creativity can shine more easily on a daily basis. At Yoga Moves we help bring you closer to this dynamic balance where energy is flowing in your breath, eyes, hips, arms and toes. Being busy does not have to equal stress. We are more beautiful and powerful than we realize.”
Hilary Brown, Founder

Our team

Manon van Moorsel
Manon van Moorsel
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Yoga Moves
St. Janshovenstraat 1
3572 RA Utrecht

Yoga Moves Hot
Jan van Scorelstraat 41-43
3583 CK Utrecht 

Opening hours Shop & Front Desk

Monday  16:00 – 20:00
Tuesday  16:00 – 20:00
Wednesday  16:00 – 20:00
Thursday  16:00 – 20:00
Friday  9:00 – 12:30
Saturday  9:00 – 12:30
Sunday  – Main office located at Centrum St. Janshovenstraat 1

Payment information Yoga Moves

IBAN: NL80 ABNA 0801 0590 70
KvK: 30171870
BTW: NL82.0056.704.B01


Parking Biltstraat

It is possible to park your car in the “St Janshovenstraat”, in the “Biltstraat” and in the sideways of the “Biltstraat”. It’s paid parking all around the studio. On 200m from the St. Janshovenstraat there is a 24h parking garage ‘Kruisstraat’. To get here, follow the signs ‘Parkeren Centrum Oost’. To reach Yoga Moves by foot: Take a left when you exit the parking garage. After 50m take a left, you’ll reach the ‘Biltstraat’. Cross the road to the last side street on your right, this is the St. Janshovenstraat. After 50m you’ll find Yoga Moves on your right at nr.1. Next to the Grifpark, there is a parking garage called ‘Grifthoek’

Places to Stay near City Centre

  • Stone Hotel Biltstraat 31, 030-268 2315
  • NH Hotel Janskerkhof 10, 030-2313169
  • Malie Hotel Maliestraat 2, 030-2316424
  • NH Hotel Jaarbeursplein 24, 030-2977977
  • Mitland Hotel Arienslaan 1, 030-2715824 l
  • Hotel Oorsprongpark Donderstraat 030-2716303
  • B&B Utrecht (Hostel) Lucas Bolwerk 4, 06-50434884
  • Hostel Utrecht Strowis (Hostel) Boothstraat 8, 030-2380280
  • Court Hotel Korte Nieuwstraat 14, 030-2330088
  • Chez Cho B&B Haverstraat 8 +31 (0)30-2515915
  • Campsite de Boomgaard Parallelweg 9 3981 HG Bunnik 030-6563896
  • B&B de Zandhof Zandhofsestraat 36 bis 3572 GH Utrecht 030-294 58 70
  • Kamer in Boerderij Groenekanseweg, de Bilt

Would you like to work at Yoga Moves and be a part of our vibrant community? Then check out how below!

Yoga Teachers

As a pioneer in its field, Yoga Moves is always looking for experienced teachers who can offer high quality yoga classes and add something fresh to our schedule. We believe that you can only teach what you practice; teaching yoga means you practice yoga with passion and discipline! Would you like to teach at Yoga Moves and have you been teaching for several years? Then contact us with your yoga cv/resume, your motivation letter and a picture.

Office Staff

The office staff at Yoga Moves is the backbone of our studio. They handle everything from the scheduling of classes, workshops and teacher trainings, to staying in touch with clients, marketing our programs, front desk welcome team etc. 

Job opening: Studio Host


Are you in your senior year in college? Would you like to do your internship or research at Yoga Moves? Please contact us to discuss possibilities.

If you do not have your own studio then you can use ours! We have four yoga rooms  that are available for rent for those wanting to teach classes or workshops in yoga, meditation and other mind-body practices. Please note that space availability is limited in the evenings weekdays and on weekends. Yoga Moves has two studios at the St. Janshovenstraat and Jan van Scorelstraat in Utrecht.

At the St Janshovenstraat  in the city centre (near Biltstraat) we have one big studio (80m2), and the small studio (50m2). The latter two studios can be rented and combined into one large space for special events. The studios include yoga props such as mats, bolsters, blankets, blocks, belts and chairs. We also have a lounge area, a small kitchen, and a changing room with one two showers and two separate bathrooms.  


At the Jan van Scorelstraat we have one big room with infrared heater panels (approximately 95m2) and a smaller room of 45m2. Contact us for bookings and more information.   Save Save

Which yoga style should I choose?

We offer yoga for all ages and all levels of experience. Finding the style that best suits your needs is crucial to having a lasting yoga practice. Having said this, many of our styles have overlapping approaches and can complement each other. In the beginning we recommend to try out  a few different styles and find out which ones resonates with you. Our starters card gives you the opportunity to explore our styles and teachers thoroughly for one month. Always start with level 1 classes in one style, build confidence in your postures, and then take the opportunity to explore new styles or teachers as you grow.


How often should I practice?

To enjoy the full benefits of yoga, try to work regularly with the same teacher(s) to build your practice. Two to three times a week is the minimum commitment you need if you want to achieve lasting and real changes. Once a week will compliment any other activity you are doing and will help you release tension and relax. Many of us from Yoga Moves practice every day because we see how it supports our entire life and energy.


What do I wear and bring to class?

We recommend you come in simple sport clothing. We practice barefoot, so no shoes are needed. Take your jewelry off as it mostly gets in your way. Please do not wear perfume. We have studio mats you can use when you are new, though we highly recommend you to buy your own yoga mat as it is much more hygienic for you and others.

What are the benefits of yoga?

The benefits of (Hatha) yoga have been repeatedly observed and documented over time. With regular practice, discipline and effort you can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Boost your energy
  • Build strength
  • Improve your posture and flexibility
  • Enhance your balance
  • Improve your breathing
  • Recover from injury and chronic pain
  • Be more present and aware
  • Open yourself to the process of transformation

When you practice yoga regularly, you get the benefits of yoga!

Does yoga combine well with my other sports?

Yoga improves your physical awareness, makes your body more flexible, helps you focus and improves breathing. These are useful qualities in any kind of physical activity, so if anything you will find that yoga really complements the sport you are doing. Many top-athletes also use yoga complementary to their training.

Can I participate in all the classes when pregnant?

We see many pregnant women coming to Yoga Moves and we are happy to support you. If you’re pregnant we recommend starting with prenatal classes starting your 14th week. Read more about our perinatal yoga program. If you’ve been practicing a while and have become pregnant – make sure to tell your teacher before class. You need to modify many parts of the class, avoid overheating and perhaps take another style or class. Read more on what (not) to do in yoga classes on our dedicated pregnancy page.

Which classes help me manage stress?

Yoga has a long history of helping people with stress – both physical and mental. It can help you release built up stress, and establish a more balanced approach to your daily life. All of our classes will address this issue, but if you need to relax immediately, we suggest you start with a restorative, hatha, yin or slow-flow class first. Eventually you can join the vinyasa-based classes where you will work more actively to promote a deep letting go and physical well-being.

Can I do yoga with an injury?

Depending on the injury you will need to discuss this with the teacher or contact us ahead of time. Yoga can help people discover their boundaries and build awareness, but during the acute recovery stage you may need a more individualised approach. Consider a private lesson to help you work around the injury. If you have a health issue (illness, injury, or medical condition) please notify the teacher before class. Not every pose or type of yoga is suitable for everyone.

I’m new. Where should I start?

There are many ways to begin the practice of yoga, the most important part is to start. Yoga Moves prides itself in being a place where everyone can feel welcome. We are down-to-earth, practical and professional in our approach. Do not be too concerned with the type of class when you start, more important is that you start with the appropriate level (all, level 1). While we have many styles of yoga, they all have overlaps that won’t matter so much to you when you begin. Read more about styles and levels on the classes page.

I feel like I am not progressing in class.

Don’t worry about touching your toes, or not. Every body is different. Let go of competitive mind-set. Yoga is non-competitive. It is a practice that makes the body stronger, more flexible, and generally much healthier. The purpose of yoga is to calm the mind, open the heart, and stimulate our spiritual evolution. No experience or flexibility is required to practice yoga. Yoga is for every body and everybody.


Can I eat before class? What about drinking water?

When possible, come to practice with an empty stomach. You can bring a plastic bottle of water into the room, but we recommend you drink before and after class, not during.

What if I cannot keep up or the pose is too difficult?

If you encounter a pose or series that is too difficult for you, ask the teacher to help you to modify it. All our teachers are trained to help you find the yoga that is right for you. It is not uncommon that one person needs an adjustment for a certain group of postures . In addition, being stiff or tight in the body is not a reason not to do yoga! In fact, that is one of the reasons you come ‘right’? Please feel free to ask for help in finding a comfortable and safe way to work within your limitations. This is a normal process. Don’t forget, this is YOUR time and YOUR practice. We try to create a non-competitive atmosphere where you can also work on this with yourself.