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Lizzie Lasater

Raised in San Francisco and trained as a designer, Lizzie Lasater teaches restorative yoga internationally and online. She sometimes jokes that yoga “runs in the family” because her Mom, Judith Hanson Lasater, co-founded Yoga Journal Magazine and has been teaching since 1971.  Lizzie posts daily on social media about the pleasure of deceleration. She lives in Salzburg with her Austrian husband. www.lizzielasater.com


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training | 30 Hours

with Lizzie Lasater
Sat 7 - Wed 11 Sept 2019

Learn straightforward techniques for teaching introversion and stillness. Offer students ways to soothe their overstimulated sympathetic nervous systems and find relief from the stress of their busy lives.

St. Janshovenstraat 1