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Frequently asked questions (faq)

Here you can find some of the commonly asked questions about our studio and practicing yoga.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Practical Questions
About Yoga Questions

How do I sign up / pay for class? (or workshop)

Do I need to register before I come for my first class or can I just show up?

You will need to fill in our registration form (online now, or at the studio).

For your first time, can sign up for a class online without paying; we will ask you to pay at the front desk.

We take PIN at our studios – no cash. Once you have purchased a class card or membership, you will be able to reserve your spot in class via our website.

How do I reserve (online)?

You can do it two ways: 1) from the website directly. It will ask you to log in (after you have made your own account). 2) download the app from the company that helps us manage our back office.

Note: on our website we have ONE schedule (showing classes in both locations); in the app we have TWO schedules (one for each location, that can be reached separately).

If you reserve in advance – you can also cancel your “date” with us online. However, if it less than four hours, you will loose that class from your card or if you have unlimited classes, you risk being blocked from reserving online for a month. Please do let us know – so someone else can have your spot.

Why can’t I pay online?

Soon (again) you will be able to pay for things online. We apologize for the inconvenience it has been in 2018/19. You may currently pay workshops and some services using a credit card, otherwise chose “Pay Later” and then afterwards, you can transfer money via bank transaction or pay at the desk.
Our bank info:   NL80 ABNA 0801 0590 70 – make sure to include your name so we can link payment to your purchase.

Can I just show up for a class, no reservation?

If you prefer, just show up at least 15-20 minutes before the start of class and register. Sometimes classes are full so you may not have a spot. But very often we can fit you in!

I’m new. Where should I start?

There are many ways to begin the practice of yoga, the most important part is to start. Yoga Moves prides itself in being a place where everyone can feel welcome. We are down-to-earth, practical and professional in our approach. While we have many styles of yoga, they all have overlaps.

Please let the teacher or front desk staff know what you are looking for and ask for some suggestions.  Read more about styles and levels on the classes page.

If you are really unsure, you can ask for a call from our Yogi Coach who can help you get started. (ask at the desk). Most important is that you start with the appropriate level (all, level 1) or consider joining our Intro to Yoga 4-week course.

Our Starters Card (€49) gives you the opportunity to explore our styles and teachers thoroughly for one month. (Unlimited classes for a month at a great price). Have fun exploring!

Suggestion: Always start with level 1 classes in one style, build confidence.

What do I wear and bring to class?

  • We recommend you come in simple sport clothing.
  • We practice barefoot, so no shoes are needed.
  • Take your jewellery off as it mostly gets in your way. Please do not wear perfume.
  • If you need to pay for classes: bring your PIN pass.
  • We have studio mats you can use when you are new, though we highly recommend you to buy your own yoga mat as it is much more hygienic for you and others.
  • We cannot be responsible for your belonging when here. So bring your phone and wallet into class and place on the shelve.
  • For Hot Yoga: Best to wear light, clothes. You will sweat.
  • You will need to have a Hot yoga towel to place over the entire mat. You can rent one (€4) or buy one from us (first time you join we lend you one free).
  • You may want to shower after Hot Yoga, we do not provide shower towels, so bring one.

Can I eat before class? What about drinking water?

When possible, we recommend not being full when you practice. Give yourself an hour or  two after eating.
You can bring a bottle of water into the room, but its recommended to drink before and after class, not during. (in some classes, we work with heat, your own heat)
We always have a pot of tea ready for you when you come 🙂

You have two studios in Utrecht – can I join classes in both?

Yes! We hope you will take advantage of both studios and all the classes we have on offer. Your memberships or class cards are valid in both studios. See the locations here.


What types of yoga do you offer?

We have a number of styles of yoga in our school. Below is a big picture of how you can consider our types of classes.

Dynamic:  Combine postures with the breath in a dynamic flow in our Ashtanga and Vinyasa classes to find meditation within the flow of movement. Want to sweat and stretch? Try the Yoga Moves Hot, Hot Vinyasa and warm classes in our infrared heated room.  Focus on body posture and improve your technique in our Yoga Basics, Yoga Alignment and Iyengar or target your core with Pilates.
Slow Down: Looking for a more active relaxation? Try our Slow Flow, Hatha Yoga or Inner Axis classes for a mix of challenge and letting go. Calm your nervous system and find deep relaxation in Yin, Relax & Renew, Hatha & Yoga Nidra or Meditation. 

What are the levels?

New yogis start in our level 1 classes or join our Intro to Yoga 4-week course;
Slowly grow towards our level 2
More experienced yogis get challenged in our level 3
Many classes are All Levels: which means all levels welcome.

The most important thing to remember – no matter what “level” you are is that everyone has high energy and low energy days, and we have parts of our bodies that are more flexible or strong and other parts less. Take care to honor your limitations and possibilities at any moment. Learning to do this is learning to practice yoga authentically.

Can I do yoga with an injury?

Depending on the injury you will need to discuss this with the teacher or contact us ahead of time. Yoga can help people discover their boundaries and build awareness, but during the acute recovery stage you may need a more individualized approach. Consider a private lesson to help you work around the injury. If you have a health issue (illness, injury, or medical condition) please notify the teacher before class. Not every pose or type of yoga is suitable for everyone. Ask our front desk or make an appointment with our YogiCoach.

Does yoga combine well with my other sports?

Yoga improves your physical awareness, makes your body more flexible, helps you focus and improves breathing. These are useful qualities in any kind of physical activity, so if anything you will find that yoga really complements the sport you are doing. Many top-athletes also use yoga complementary to their training.

How often should I practice?

To enjoy the full benefits of yoga, try to work regularly with the same teacher(s) to build your practice. Once a week will compliment any other activity you are doing and will help you release tension and relax. Two to three times a week is the minimum commitment you need if you want to achieve lasting and real changes. Many of us from Yoga Moves practice every day because we see how it supports our entire life and energy.

Can I participate in all the classes when pregnant?

We see many pregnant women coming to Yoga Moves and we are happy to support you. If you’re pregnant we recommend starting with prenatal classes starting your 14th week. Read more about our classes aimed at our pregnancy goddesses PLUS Please read about Cautions when pregnant.

If you have already been practicing yoga and become pregnant, you join regular yoga classes at your own risk in that period. We recognise that a lot is happening during the first few months and we find it important that you are safe.
Make sure to tell your teacher before class. You need to modify many parts of the class, avoid overheating and perhaps take another style or class.

Which classes help me manage stress?

Yoga has a long history of helping people with stress – both physical and mental. It can help you release built up stress, and establish a more balanced approach to your daily life. All of our classes will address this issue, but if you need to relax immediately, we suggest you start with a restorative, hatha, yin or slow-flow class first. Eventually you can join the vinyasa-based classes where you will work more actively to promote a deep letting go and physical well-being. Our Hot classes are amazing for helping you open up and find strength, flexibility and learn to manage your energy.

What are the benefits of yoga?

The benefits of (Hatha) yoga have been repeatedly observed and documented over time. With regular practice, discipline and effort you can:

Reduce stress
Boost your energy
Build strength
Improve your posture and flexibility
Enhance your balance
Improve your breathing
Recover from injury and chronic pain
Be more present and aware
Open yourself to the process of transformation
When you practice yoga regularly, you get the benefits of yoga!