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Whit Hornsberger

Whit Hornsberger (British Columbia, Canada) is a student and teacher of the wisdom traditions of Yoga and Buddhism.

A former athlete, Whit found the path as a result of a career ending knee injury and the subsequent emotional and mental suffering inherent in losing one’s (supposed) self-identity and self-worth. His daily practice and teaching methods stem from the traditional practices of Vinyasa Krama (Krishnamacharya) and Theravada Buddhism (Mahasi Sayadaw). A passionate advocate of traditional teachings, Whit expounds the ancient wisdom of these lineages in a relevant manner, making them readily accessible to students at every stage of the path.

Lovers of surf, travel and nature, Whit and his wife Nicole reside on Galiano Island, a small island off the coast of Vancouver, operating Soul Arch Yoga, a yoga project offering international workshops, retreats and online practices of embodied well-being.




Cultivating Freedom: Vinyasa, Yin, Buddhism and Mindfulness

with Whit Hornsberger
16-18 Feb 2018

This weekend is dedicated to the practices of Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness. All sessions are carefully designed, as to create an environment for us to engage with, understand and apply the deeper facets of the wisdom traditions of Yoga and Buddhism.

Jan van Scorelstraat & St. Janshovenstraat