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Vera Kaye

Vera’s first yoga class was around 2002, during her theatre studies. The focus was keeping the performers’ body in shape and able to sing, dance and act in a wide variety of theatre performances and shows. That changed after an intense period of dealing with injury after taking a fall. She took her first hot yoga class and was hooked. Practicing yoga was a fantastic way of figuring out how to deal with the new physical state in a healthy way in order to heal.

With the intensified practice came awareness of the importance of alignment. It revealed patterns and habits, some not so constructive (anymore) or even destructive in the long run. A great opportunity to do something about it! Results of that process quickly started to show on mental and emotional levels as well, on and off the mat, in daily life. Confronting as it was, sticking with it brought freedom and kindness. Freedom to leave distractions for what they are. Kindness to smile at being a clumsy, imperfect, perfect human being.

Having been a teacher for years (physical education and sports, outdoor sports, theatre) it was a logical next step to combine her love for yoga with that other old flame: teaching. Vera enjoys working on technique and detail to find the best version of every posture for every body. Join her classes to practice being shamelessly, perfectly imperfect and to have a sense of humour about it.

Class schedule

Date Time Class Level Location Teacher
27 March 18:45 - 20:00 Yoga Moves Hot 1 Jan van Scorelstraat Vera Kaye
27 March 20:15 - 21:15 Yoga Moves Hot All Jan van Scorelstraat Vera Kaye