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Sumati Nair

Sumati Nair’s travels on the path of yoga and philosophy began in her 20s in India. Aided by her teacher training in Iyengar yoga in Amsterdam,  she  has developed her special focus on philosophical insights and wisdom from different schools of thought within Indian philosophy in particular. She has been teaching both asana classes and philosophy for the past 15 years. What she enjoys most is inspiring students to look at “ reality” from the different perspectives, offered to us by the great masters, stimulating them to embark on their own search.

Fascinated by philosophical insights that yield a deeper awareness of our inner self /being, Sumati’s classes are designed to challenge and inspire students on their personal journey using tools handed down to us over time.

Class schedule

Date Time Class Level Location Teacher
20 February 15:30 - 17:00 Breathing and Meditation Sessions All St. Janshovenstraat Sumati Nair