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Shiva Rea

Shiva Rea serves the innate intelligence within nature and our rhythmic bodies. As a global prana vinyasa teacher, Shiva empowers people from all walks of life to experience the flow of breath and our extraordinary energetic body. She has done fieldwork and offered yoga in over 50 countries from urban centers to ancient sites, large-scale festivals to indigenous Chumash grandmother’s council.

As the founder of Samudra Global School for Living Yoga, her home practice media, teacher trainings, adventure retreats, online programs and musical collaborations provide resources for people around the world to bring a transforming flow into their everyday life. Her activism extends from the worldwide Global Mala Project, to Yoga Energy Activism and gatherings for women. Her latest book, “Tending the Heart Fire – Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life” is about the history and embodiment of our energetic heart and living vinyasa. www.shivarea.com


The Art of Lunar Prana Vinyasa - 2 day weekend workshop and dance evening

with Shiva Rea
Sat-Sun, 27-28 Oct. 2018

A 2 day weekend training in which you will experience lunar namaskars flow with Shiva Rea in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam | Posthoornkerk

The Art of Lunar Prana Vinyasa and Prana Flow Massage - 5 day training

with Shiva Rea
Sat-Wed, 27-31 Oct. 2018

Experience lunar namaskars flow and learn to lead four lunar wave sequences integrating movement meditation, deep flexibility, mudrasanas (long holds with inner visualization), mudra and mantra. Enjoy some Prana Flow Massage self care!

Amsterdam | Posthoornkerk & Vondelkerk

Sahaja Prana Flow | Yoga Trance Dance evening in Amsterdam

with Shiva Rea
Sat. 27 Oct 2018

All yoga adventurers welcome to this special evening! Discover the interconnections of yoga, rhythm, movement and dance for every-body. Bring your loved ones. Rock the house. Dive deep into your own personal movement meditation, sahaja prana flow for everybody.

Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Chakra Vinyasa - Liberating the Body Mandala

with Shiva Rea
June 4-7, 2019

Experience an immersion to tend the inner fire through the transformative full-spectrum practice of Chakra Vinyasa integrated with sublime teachings and meditations of the earliest Tantras.

Vondelkerk in Amsterdam

Movement Meditation & Prana Vinyasa: Ecstatic Dance Evening

with Shiva Rea
Thursday 6 June 2019

Dive into Prana Vinyasa as we embody the full-spectrum of our body mandala - root to crown, inner to outer, all the elements, sun and moon as a practical way of balancing and liberating our vital energy or prana.

Vondelkerk Amsterdam

Embodying Shakti Prana Flow – Lunar Arts Immersion for Women

with Shiva Rea
13-15 November 2019

Come together in a circle of women for a lunar arts practice and teacher study immersion to support our journey as women in all the phases and seasons of our body and life as we embody the creative power from within.

Vondelkerk in Amsterdam