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Lobke Brouwer

Lobke has been interested in food and its healing power for as long as she can remember. nLong before the food hype as we now know it, her mother made sure at home they ate organic food. Sickness and health issues inspired her to nurture her familiy in a healthy way, with hardly any additives.

As a teenager Lobke pursued her interest in food working in the nature food shop and a vegetarian restaurant. Now she has her own family. First hand, she has seen the effect of food on her children’s health. She has made her passion her profession, inspiring and helping others with implementing food as a tool to feel more energetic and healthy.

Lobke is a 5 Element Food specialist, educating teachers at the Do-In School and teaching Do- In Yoga. Her main inspiration is the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory of the 5 Elements. On a regular basis she gives workshops and cooks on site for events such as the Yogafestival and for Yogaminds. She would like to share her experiences with the healing power of food. For Lobke, food is the basis of our wellbeing:

‘As 60 % of our energy comes from our nutrition, and 40% from our breath, it’s evident why food is our basis. Getting back to our basis is my mission, so we all can support our bodies and wellbeing by living along with the seasons.‘ lobke5seizoenen.nl