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Jim Harrington

Jim Harrington, Cape Town, South Africa

Jim started practicing yoga in the late 80’s to recover from injuries sustained while surfing, and taught his first students in 1994. Since then, he has applied his twenty plus years of experience to training and mentoring over 170 yoga teachers.

As a mentor for hundreds of students and teachers, his philosophy is “Anyone who can breathe can do yoga.

“You don’t have to be super bendy or even very fit to start feeling the benefits of yoga practice. I get a huge amount of satisfaction out of seeing people discover those benefits.”

He has trained in a variety of Hatha Yoga methods, including the strict alignment based style of BNS Iyengar, the more dynamic Ashtanga Yoga, the Classical Raja yoga in the tradition of the Himalayan Institute.  His teaching and practice is also heavily influenced by the Chinese forms of Chi Kung and Kung Fu.  He gained Diplomas in Remedial and Sports Therapies and went into practice applying Yoga techniques along with Corrective Exercise and manual bodywork therapies. His training in the medical approach to yoga taught by Exercise Physiotherapists (Yoga Synergy ) has informed the synthesis of the ancient practice with contemporary based science continues to inspire his approach to yoga and has been the key to the application of Yoga to Sports.

In the summer of 2011, the Indian National Cricket Team hired Jim as their official Yoga Coach in a bid to improve fitness and mental focus. That same team went on to win the Cricket World Cup. Perhaps the yoga had something to do with it.

He toured India with the Delhi Daredevils IPL team in 2012. Yoga for Cricket marks the start of Yoga for Sports – a Jim Harrington Yoga initiative.

When not working, Jim is usually found surfing on the ocean, running on table mountain or playing on the beach with his family.

“A big obstacle is that many guys initially tend to think that yoga won’t be challenging enough for them.  Pro athletes have long discovered that yoga provides the platform for endurance, concentration and fortitude.” – Rusty Wells




Understanding an Athlete's Body and Mind-Set

with Jim Harrington
Friday 12 July

Yoga Moves introduces Jim Harrington - a leading expert in the growing field of Yoga For Sports.
Learn how to apply the ancient techniques of yoga to the contemporary needs and goals of athletes. 

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Yoga for Sports | Masterclass

with Jim Harrington
Saturday 12 July

In this masterclass Jim shares proven yoga techniques, working with functional movement, breathing and mental exercises to take your performance to the next level. A focus on how "one size does not fit all", and how yoga can significantly impact your amateur or professional sports performance. 

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Posture vs Posture | A Therapeutic Approach through Yoga Asana

with Jim Harrington
Saturday 13 July

In this workshop we examine typical postural imbalances. Spinal misalignment and muscular imbalances are everywhere. Here Jim goes into a detailed explanation of three typical and commonly seen posture patterns that often lead to pain and dis function.

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Sequencing for Athletes

with Jim Harrington
Sunday 14 July

In this powerful workshop, Jim distils information and methodology gathered over 10 years of yoga-based work with sports people and 15 years of training yoga teachers. We will look at specific case studies and apply best principles of sequencing.

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Rehab and Prehab | What is the Role of Yoga Preventing and Healing Sports Injuries

with Jim Harrington
Sunday 14 July

The prevention of injury can extend a career by several years: Ryan Giggs, Gerry Lopes and Rahul Dravid are examples of professional sports legends who have used yoga as prehab and rehab with great success. Jim has shaped this pre-hab and re-hab workshop using his experience of 2 decades of therapeutic work.

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