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Hettie & Silvia

Silvia and Hettie are experienced and passionate teachers and they create a safe and warm environment in which you can truly meet yourself and others. Intimate Moves starts with becoming aware of how you are in this moment. Silvia and Hettie will guide and support you in a friendly and precise way to this point, letting you discover what it is like when you move from the inside, trusting more and more the wisdom of your body. From here, you can move on your own, with others or just enjoy the dance.

Silvia and Hettie are trained in bodywork and group dynamics and have participated in many courses and retreats on meditation and movement. They are happy to share their practice with you.

See www.intimate-moves.nl


Intimate Moves | Meditatie in Beweging

with Hettie & Silvia
Zaterdagavond | 20 april 2019

Laat je liefdevol meenemen in meditatie, dans en beweging. Ontdek de stroom in jezelf. Laat je verleiden door de inspirerende muziek en speelse begeleiding tot je eigen beweging. Een ontmoeting met jezelf tussen anderen.

St. Janshovenstraat 1