Our teachers

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Gracia Mansour

Gracia is a yoga teacher with a great passion for the human body and mind. Coming from a background of high impact sports, with many injuries, she started her journey first in practicing Pilates for years and later on discovered Ashtanga yoga.

Even though being a qualified Ashtanga teacher now for some time, she also practices other styles of yoga; enjoying, experiencing and indulging in all the beautiful things yoga has to offer. She loves studying with many well-known teachers, expanding her horizon, her understanding and knowledge of yoga, food and nutrition. In her thirst for knowledge she recently continued her educational journey as a Yoga Therapist. A beautiful way of working on an individual level with people, teaching and guiding them to heal their own body, mind and life from the inside out. Creating awareness and self-acceptance.

In her classes she creates a warm, welcoming environment, acknowledging students in their individuality and their yoga-path.
“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down!”