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Françoise Freedman

The Founder and Director of Birthlight, Françoise Barbira Freedman is a medical anthropologist at the University of Cambridge, where she does research and teaches as an affiliated lecturer in the Department of Social Anthropology.

After spending long periods of fieldwork in Peruvian Amazonia, including two pregnancies and stays with her young family, she was inspired to share the gentle approach to parenting of her Amazonian hosts among friends in the UK. As a trained yoga teacher and therapist, Françoise used the idiom of yoga to create an original programmer of movements and nurturing relaxation for mothers to be and new mothers with their babies. Having a background of competition swimming and swimming instructor, she also developed Infant Aquatics and Aqua Yoga original programmes.

An expert in her field, Françoise is a speaker at International Conferences. Françoise’s books have now been translated into 11 languages, she has also written articles for numerous yoga journals and pregnancy / baby magazines. www.birthligh.com




Well Woman Yoga Diploma Course

with Françoise Freedman
Part 2: 3-4 May 2018

Some of the practices taught on this course are part of the Amazonian shamanic tradition. Many women need yoga that supports them during a crisis or during certain life stages (think: reproductive disorders, fertility issues, chronic conditions, post-surgery recovery, peri-menopause symptoms). Learn to teach a holistic approach of yoga for helping conception and general well being for women.

Yoga Moves

Birthlight | Fertility Yoga Teacher Training

with Françoise Freedman
Sat 5- Sun 6 May 2018

Learn practical resources for helping women embrace the principles of yoga and promote day-to-day happiness and well-being while trying to conceive, particularly if they have had difficulties over a long time.

Yoga Moves

Birthlight | Pelvic tone for women's well-being

with Françoise Freedman
Monday 7 May 2018

Experience an integrated approach to pelvic floor toning, using a range of specific micro-movements developed by Françoise Freedman as well as adaptations of classic yoga poses.

Yoga Moves