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Eveline Spree

Eveline took her first yoga classes in Latin America. It reminded her of the breathing exercises her mom taught her when she was a child and she enjoyed discovering the different postures. Eveline did not get addicted to yoga straight away as she liked so many different things: travelling, snowboarding, surfing, reading, swimming, dancing… Years later the ‘flow of life’ brought her to a yoga studio again. At Yoga Moves her passion for yoga grew bigger and bigger. She loves the connection of breath and movement, body and mind. Yoga brings her relaxation, time to reflect, trust, concentration and most important joy!
In 2012 she completed the Summer Intensive Vinyasa Teacher Training at Yoga Moves. She started teaching at a gym and later in her own ‘mini studio’. She loves many styles of yoga from dynamic to technical to slow and fluid. In her classes she aspires to create a friendly atmosphere and to guide people in their practice wherever they are, so they can consciously move with the breath and connect with themselves.