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Doug Keller

Doug Keller has been teaching workshops and trainings in the therapeutic applications of yoga for a decade, and is known not only for his effectiveness in communicating this ever-evolving approach in these trainings, but also for his extensive writing on the topic in magazines, journals and his two-volume work on ‘Yoga As Therapy.’ He is also, in addition to his traveling and teaching, a Distinguished Professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health in their Master’s Degree program in Yoga Therapy. This program is state-approved and accredited for granting a Master’s degree in this field, and is fully accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. See doyoga.com


Yoga Moves is a big fan of Doug and his work: esp his wonderful books and manuals he has written. (We carry this in our shop). We use a lot of his work in our trainings.



Learn to Practice and Teach Pranayama

with Doug Keller
Wed 7 Nov | For students and teachers

In this full day pranayama training you will learn simple, straightforward and clear pranayama techniques as described in Doug’s book “Refining the Breath. This workshop is for students and teachers alike, addressing obstacles we often encounter in practice, with an asana component included as supporting deeper pranayama practice.

St Janshovenstraat 1

Sacral Stability and the Core | The Sacrum is the Heart of Movement

with Doug Keller
Thu 8 - Fri 9 Nov | Therapeutic Yoga Training

This two-day training will focus on understanding the sacrum and sacroiliac joint — its proper movement and the sources of pain in the ligaments — and how this understanding can be incorporated into fundamental instructions in all classes of asana. The two days will balance detailed information that gives insight into sacral, low back and hip pain, and insightful practice.

St Janshovenstraat 1

Sacral & Low Back Health | Sacral Rhythm is the Key to Practice

with Doug Keller
Fri 9 Nov | Therapeutic Yoga Workshop

The Friday Evening workshop session will be a concise introduction to and deep practice of principles for sacral and low back health — accessible to all levels of students and a refreshing take on asana practice! Expert Teacher Doug Keller. Open to all levels.

St Janshovenstraat

Better Breathing in Asana, Pranayama and Relaxation

with Doug Keller
10 Nov 2018 | Therapeutic Yoga Workshop

The Saturday Afternoon workshop session will move from ‘openers’ through asana for cultivating space for the breath to fundamental pranayamas.

Jan van Scorelstraat 41