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We offer a number of paths & trainings to become a yoga teacher. Quality education is our value.

Evolutionary Prana Vinyasa® Teacher Training Program

First time in Northern Europe!

With Shiva Rea, Coral Brown, Demetri Velisarius & Christine May

Experience the full spectrum Prana Vinyasa Evolutionary 200/300 Teacher Training Program direct with founder Shiva Rea herself and her most experienced yoga trainers of Prana Vinyasa Yoga; lovely and grounded Coral Brown and Europe’s own flow master Christine May. In addition Demetri Velisarius will be offering the new Prana Danda training.

This celebrated, unique and effective Evolutionary Vinyasa Teacher Training program offers a creative full-spectrum approach to the art of living and embodying the flow of yoga. Join the evolution! This approach has influenced the way yoga is practiced the world over for the last fifteen years.

Start with the core foundational modules, and choose from advanced elective modules, online programs & retreats with Shiva in India, Costa Rica, Greece, Europe and other locations.

This program allows a student to:

  • Shape their personal and professional interest with specialties in ayurveda, tantra, bhakti, pre-natal vinyasa, creative core, flow arts, yoga trance dance, prana danda yoga and kalarippayatu;
  • Be part of an online community of practitioners that connects live around the globe;
  • Develop your sva dharma – life purpose through your teacher training program, including sacred activism
  • Incorporate travel and pilgrimage into your studies by taking modules on retreats in India, Costa Rica, Greece, Europe and other locations;

Evolutionary Prana Vinyasa® Teacher Training Journey

This certification program merges the great rivers of Tantra, Yoga, and Ayurveda for embodied, ecstatic living. It is a creative, synthesis-oriented program designed for self-motivated yoga practitioners who want to evolve and integrate the diversity of their life experience under the Great Tree of Yoga.

We empower teachers with a broad and deep base
to live and teach the flow of Prana Vinyasa Yoga. The entire program offers teachers the full range of yogic experience from meditation to advanced asanas to how to be of service in the world.

The emphasis is on practical and experiential studies that are transformative, inspiring and in rhythm with the realities of our lives; combining a modern life and our passion for yoga with becoming a yoga teacher.
 We seek the balance of being a grounding force for you as a teacher to develop a body of integrated knowledge while leaving freedom for each teacher to follow their own path of evolution as they continue their studies with Shiva and other teachers.


  • Learn Pathways of Prana Vinyasa practice for effective, creative and transformational classes from beginner to intermediate.
  • Learn 12 Prana Vinyasa Namaskars from the classical roots, elemental and chakraalayrs with different bhavana (feeling states), energetic and physical purposes.
  • 15 Prana Vinyasa sequences following Prana Vinyasa Movement Alchemy from the solar-lunar as well as elemental, chakra,
  • Cultivation of the ritual arc of a Prana Vinyasa class with opening movement meditations, namaskars, wave sequence, and inner arts of meditation.
  • Practical knowledge of the energetic alignment and skill in hands-on enhancements of the mandala of asanas (108 primary poses and variations).
  • Understanding of Prana Vinyasa Movement Alchemy and Wave Sequencing™ – to teach from the art of yoga, for all-levels and rhythms of the year.
  • Opportunity for deepening within online community, network of students-teachers and go deeper in Tantra, Ayurveda and Living Yoga courses throughout the year.


We recommend you start with the foundation modules, but will be flexible if you take the modules out of order.

Our foundation modules include (in order they are given) over 2017/2018:

  • Movement Meditation: Roots and Evolution of Vinyasa with Shiva (May/June 2017)
  • Fluid Power – Embodying the Earth & Fluid Body with Coral Brown (Nov 2017)
  • Tending the Inner Fire & Breath of the Heart With Christine May (Dec 2017)
  • Embodying Nature: Elemental Prana Vinyasa with Chakra Meditation with Coral Brown (March 2018)

Choose separate advanced modules depending on if you are building a 200 or 300 hour program. Choose what suits your interest. (More will follow in future!)

  • Hindu Mythology: How ancient myths can help us understand our own lives as yogis
    with Coral Brown (1 day – Nov 2017)
  • Narrative Therapy & Personal Mythology In Yoga with Coral Brown (1 day – March 2018)
  • Chakra Prana Vinyasa with Shiva Rea (June 2018)
  • Awakening Inner Alignment – Prana Danda Vinyasa with Shiva & Demetri (July 2018)
  • Soma Prana Vinyasa with Elemental Prana Flow Massage with Shiva Rea (Oct 2018)

All modules are supported by online practices within global Yoga Alchemy Online Portal.

For more information about the requirements and online aspects of this program & about fees and how to apply please read this Info Packet.







People say

Coral embodies the Prana Flow teachings of Shiva Rea in her own unique way. She teaches and inspires in a down to earth and clear way on all levels of yoga. The chakra's (her passion!), alignment, anatomy (she's a physician too!), yoga philosophy, teaching flow... all of it! Coral has a way of making it clear for all students, because it's obviously her life's passion or even 'Dharma' and that makes her modules always full of laughter and lightness. After doing several trainings with Coral, I already look forward to the next one!

Student Coral Brown

"Prana Vinyasa is a liberating, evolutionary, rhythmic, vinyasa flow class that encompasses mudra, bandhas, pranayama, meditation, asana, kriya, and a whole lot of fun. It's set to music, and it is almost guaranteed to raise your vibration, open your heart and set your mind free. And I love it. After years of being inspired by all different yoga style, it was like a light went on inside. I'd finally come home"... grateful student

Student Shiva

Prana | life-force, breath, movements of life

Vinyasa | evolution, wave, cycle, lineage teachings of flowing yoga

Yoga | to unify, the state of unified consciousness

Apply for 200/300h TT
Overview Of The Requirements For Certification
Fees & Discounts







To formally enroll in any of the PRANA FLOW Teacher Training programs, please submit your application to the office of SAMUDRA YOGA in the USA.


You will be applying online to Samudra Yoga (USA)
PLEASE also forward your application to Yoga Moves.
There is a $54 application fee Payable to Samudra Yoga (USA) with credit card or pay pal.
Once the application is processed (it may take up to 2 weeks) you will receive a
welcome letter from Samudra and from Yoga Moves with detailed information.









Overview Of The Requirements For Certification

Contact Hours (=time spent with Shiva and faculty)
Non-Contact Hours (=include everything under the items in the Evolutionary Study Projects)

For the 200 Hour Program (180 Contact Hours)
This is the foundational teacher training recognized by Yoga Alliance.

54 hours (30%) max can be spent with approved Prana Vinyasa® Senior Teacher Trainers as an alternative to time spent with Shiva.
Must complete 200h program in max of 2 year.

For the 300 Hour Program (270 Contact Hours)
For yoga teachers who have completed a 200h certification via another school.

81 hours (30%) can be spent with approved Prana Vinyasa® Senior Teacher Trainers as an alternative to time spent with Shiva.
Must complete 500h program in max of 3 years.

For the 500 Hour Program (450 Contact Hours)
For people who would like to start from the 200h and build their entire 500 hour program on Prana Vinyasa Yoga with more advanced electives.

135 hours (30%) can be spent with approved Prana Vinyasa® Senior Teacher Trainers as an alternative to time spent with Shiva.
Must complete 500h program in max of 3 years.

Exam Preparation Reading

  • Bhagavad gita | any translation
  • Upanishads translation by Eknath Easwaran
  • Yoga sutras of Patanjali – any translations
  • Yoga spanda karika by Daniel Odier
  • Vijnana Bhairava Tantra translation by Daniel Odier (in back of Yoga Spanda Karika)







How do I register for the modules and teacher intensives @ Yoga Yoves?

Yoga Moves handles our own registration for each module we host. You only need to sign up online @ www.yogamoves.nl . Your full payment is required to sign in.

Discounts and payments @ Yoga Moves

If you want to enjoy a 10% discount on the Prana Flow modules (@ Yoga Moves only) and you have applied to the Teacher Training program via Samudra Yoga, you can email us and tell us which 3+ modules or more you want to reserve. The discount is only applied when you enroll at one moment in the modules…not offered with each module you add later. We will arrange the discount for you.

Payment will be due once enrolled. We cannot hold your spots without payment or without a payment plan.

Will I get a yoga moves certificate or prana vinyasa certificate?

While Yoga Moves is the host organisation, your contacts will be with the office of Samudra in USA for any issues over the content, expectations or you exams etc. Yoga Moves will do our best to answer any questions you have, but you are enrolling in Samudras teacher training program. Your final certificate will be from Samudra.

What other projects or homework will I have?

As part of your self-study and personal practice, the following evolutionary study projects comprise the non-contact hour requirements for certification. We strongly recommend that you begin these projects as you are completing your modules & contact hours as they support your training and learning. They are listed in recommended order for completion.

·       ​Corresponding Online Modules (see below)

·       Prana Vinyasa Asana Photos

·       Teaching Demonstration as part of your final exam

Where can I find more info online?

If you need a quick reference point in future, you can also find the required reading and online courses for each module on SAMUDRAS website under: http://www.shivarea.com/page/teacher-training

What if i took some modules of prana vinyasa in the past?

If you have taken a required or elective module BEFORE applying to the Prana Vinyasa® TT Program, you WILL receive credit toward your certification once you apply to the program if you have taken it within 3 years. You may have to complete an assignment or online program connected to that module.

Questions regarding courses you followed in the past and if they are equivalent to any of the foundation or elective modules: please ask Samudra staff.



$54 | Samudra teacher training application fee

  • Registers you as a teacher in training in Samudras database and connects you to 8 seasonal meditations and special offerings
  • Allows you access private student-mentor Facebook page – this is where you can ask your questions and have non-formal mentorship
  • Once application is in Samudra will send you a welcome letter

Free when enrolled in Teacher Training

Online Courses: online prep and post training practice/videos exclusively from www.yogaalchemy.com. This online portal (yogaalchemy.com) offers online resources, practices, courses and talks to enhance your learning.

Yoga Alchemy online courses are only required for students that wish to complete certification with Samudra Global School of Living Yoga School.

Once a trainee is enrolled in the teacher training via Samudra, they will receive a lifetime teacher membership as a gift (value $108); which allow you to register for teacher courses. You can start by registering yourself a free account on www.yogaalchemy.com

$108  | Essential Tools Course Bundle Includes:

Enrolled trainees in a full 200/300 hour is given a “bundle” pricing for $108 on a group of required online courses:

  • Mandala of Asanas Reference Guide
  • Prana Vinyasa Energetic Alignment: Self-paced Study
  • The Art of Namaskar Video Guide
  • Elemental Prana Vinyasa
  • Embodying the Flow – Essential Resources, Sanskrit Guide, Music Coming June 1st 2017

$108  |Final exam certificate fee to Samudra

You will pay this when you apply for your exam process toward the end of your training.

3+ modules discount @ Yoga Moves

When you enroll in the teacher training, and enroll in 3+ or more modules at once, we offer you a 10% discount over all the modules you enroll in in advance!
Email training@yogamoves.nl with your request to enroll and the discount.

Payment Plans @ Yoga Moves

When you are enrolled in the TT, and want to enroll in 3-5 modules (up front), we can offer you a payment plan. We require a first payment of a min of €600 up front and the rest divided over 6-10 months (paid in full by start of last module). No early bird discounts will be applied. Late or cancellation fees may apply.
A one time financing fee of €89 will be charged up front.
Please email us if you like this option and tell which modules you want to join.

Retaking a module?

If your part of the Teacher Training, and want to re-take a module you already took? (only applies if you took the same module (90% same content) with the same teacher). Please send Yoga Moves the print out from Mind Body or your certificate – dated within 3 years. Manual not included.



















Movement Meditation | Roots and Evolution of Vinyasa

with Shiva Rea
2 Day Training: 31 May - 1 June 2017

Metaal Kathedraal, Utrecht | €232

Circular Power | Prana Mandala Vinyasa 101

with Shiva Rea
3 Day Training | Fri-Sun, 2-4 June 2017

Metaal Kathedraal, Utrecht | €372

Sahaja Prana Flow - Liberate your Life force with Shiva Rea

with Shiva Rea
Sat 3 June 2017

Jan van Scorelstraat 41 | €39

Fluid Power – Embodying the Earth and Fluid Body

with Coral Brown
Mon-Fri, 30 Oct–3 Nov 2017

St. Janshovenstraat 1, Utrecht | €545

Hindu Mythology: How ancient myths can help us understand our own lives as yogis

with Coral Brown
Sat. 4 November 2017

St. Janshovenstraat 1, Utrecht | €108

Tending the Inner Fire and Breath of the Heart

with Christine May
Mon-Fri, 11-15 Dec. 2017

St. Janshovenstraat 1, Utrecht | €545

Embodying Nature: Elemental Prana Vinyasa & Psychology

with Coral Brown
Fri 16 - Tue 20 March 2018

St Janshovenstraat 1, Utrecht

Narrative Therapy and Personal Mythology in Yoga

with Coral Brown
Wed 21 March 2018

St Janshovenstraat 1, Utrecht

Chakra Prana Vinyasa Training Intensive

with Shiva Rea
Wed-Sun, 30 May-3 June 2018

Location to be determined | €635

Prana Danda Vinyasa and Flow Practice Teacher Immersion

with Demetri Velisarius & Shiva Rea
Fri-Sun, 13 - 15 July 2018

Location to be determined | €380

The Art of Lunar Prana Vinyasa and Prana Flow Massage

with Shiva Rea
Sat-Wed, 27-31 Oct. 2018

To be determined | €635


You are welcome to join any of the workshops regardless if you are a yoga teachers or not.

Sign Up

Registration for Coral Brown and Christine May will open in May 2017.
Registration for modules in 2018 will open up in fall 2017.

About the teachers

Christine May

Christine May

Christine May is an open-hearted, life-loving experienced Prana Vinyasa Flow® Yoga teacher trainer and certified teacher (e-ryt 500 Yoga Alliance). Prana Vinyasa Flow® is a revolutionary, powerful and transformative branch of Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

See full bio ›
Coral Brown

Coral Brown

Coral Brown is a senior teacher of Prana Vinyasa Flow, the director several teacher training programs, and the founder of Turn again Wellness, a holistic healing collaborative. She leads retreats and workshops worldwide.

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Demetri Velisarius

Demetri Velisarius

Demetri Velisarius, BWS, RYT 200, is a social worker, personal trainer, ex-boxer, bicycle racer and Prana Flow Yoga teacher in the accomplished style of yogini Shiva Rea.

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Shiva Rea

Shiva Rea

Shiva Rea is the founder of Samudra Global School for Living Yoga and provides resources for home practice media, teacher trainings, adventure retreats, online programs and musical collaborations for people around the world. With her signature Prana Flow she wants to bring a transforming flow into their everyday life.

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