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We offer a number of paths & trainings to become a yoga teacher. Quality education is our value.

Max Stroms’ Inner Axis | 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This 200 Hour training consists of two 15 day segments and both segments will have one day off in the middle. The training will be taught by Max Strom (20 days) and with Jamie Elmer teaching the Applied Anatomy portion of the training (7 days). The course will include some homework, including required reading and some exercises.

The capacity for personal transformation is present in each of us, yet is often hidden beneath the surface, neglected by the demands and routine of our daily life. Max Strom’s Inner Axis training will teach you how to guide ordinary people through the experience of extraordinary transformation. It is designed to prepare you to teach people from all walks of life and levels of fitness, whether or not your student has a stiff body or a rigid schedule.

If you’re in a leadership position, or have the aim to become a teacher, or simply have the desire to enrich your knowledge and practice of Max Strom’s method, you will find this course inspiring and indispensable to your journey.


Module 1

27 January  – 10 February  2018 | 09.00 – 17.00
(not on 3 February)
Includes 1.5 hour break for meal

Module 2

25 March  – 8 April  2018 | 09.00 – 17.00
(not on 1 April)
Includes 1.5 hour break for meal
Last day | 8 April 09.00-15.00

Location:  School voor Tai Chi Chuan | M.P. Lindostraat 4 |  Utrecht

People say

Time spent with Max is an investment in personal wellbeing as well as exceptional training for yoga teachers or those who wish to teach. He is one of the finest teachers of our time.

Patti J. Fuhrman Teacher/owner, Yoga Gallery, Overland Park, KS

Max Strom is a master teacher who illuminates the path to inner freedom with simple elegance. Through his brilliantly uncomplicated approach to teaching breath and movement, students in his presence feel empowered to access their own personal power and grace.

Tammy Lyons Teacher/owner 2 yoga studios

Studying under Max Strom has tremendously shaped who I became as a yoga teacher and business owner. His teachings will change the way you approach your life and practice.

Chan Hemintranont, teacher/owner, Pai Yoga Fitness Columbus, Ohio

I am sincerely grateful for the experiences I have had in Max Strom's workshops. The knowledge Max offers and the environment he creates allows the heart to break free and the spirit to soar.

Molly Root Student

“Although I have experienced many yoga experts with substantial knowledge and beautiful technique, before meeting Max Strom I had never encountered anyone who truly embodied the teachings of yoga. Simply being in his presence profoundly impacted my life."

James Miller Teacher/Founder, Adamantine® Yoga

“My mission is to help people remember who they are and what they are capable of

and to provide tools that will empower them to live a more meaningful life.”

~ Max Strom

Course Modules & Outline
Prerequisites & Enrollment
Syllabus & Book list
  • The Three Pillars of Transformation: Mind, Body, Breath
  • Breath-initiated movement; the prime mover
  • Emotional Healing/ Internal Transformation
  • Ethical Precepts
  • Yoga posture alignment, strength, and stretching
  • Qi Gong- listening and sensing
  • Working with extremes: beginners, elders, and the hyper flexible
  • You will learn four Inner Axis sequences
  • Adjustments, techniques and common issues
  • Skills for effective Universal Teaching and Leadership
  • Enhancing your Communication Skills and Confidence
  • Philosophy of Living
  • Self-Study
  • Focus and Meditation
  • Applied Anatomy for Yoga, taught by Jamie Elmer
  • Safety in the classroom, taught by Jamie Elmer







  • Students wishing to enroll must have a passionate interest in Max Strom’s method and a minimum of 2 years studying Hatha yoga. We reserve the right to decline your application if you do not meet these requirements. Please contact Our TT Coordinator at Yoga Moves  for more information if you are in doubt of meeting the criteria.
  • You must have practiced with Max before in a workshop or retreat, or with his two DVDs regularly for two months prior to the commencement of the training – The DVDs can be downloaded as electronic files from his website or purchased at the Yoga Moves Shop.
  • You must have read both books by Max Strom “A Life Worth Breathing” and “There is No APP for Happiness” before participating in the training. Both books are available at the Yoga Moves Shop for purchase.


Early Bird €3300 if paid in full before 27 October 2017
late Bird €3600

Your tuition covers teacher training handbook, all course handouts, and all guest teacher fees. Fee does not include the books on the required reading list, travel costs, bank fees, meals, or accommodations.


Enrollment is limited and by permission only. To request an application for this program, email our training coordinator.







Do you want to see a more detailed outline of the course? Then check the syllabus of this training here.






Required reading

During this course you will be asked to read the following books:

  • A life worth breathing – Max Strom
  • There is no app for happiness – Max Strom
  • The muscle book – Paul Blakey (any edition)
  • Yoga Body: the origins of Modern Posture Practice – Mark Singleton
  • The World’s Religions – Huston Smith (Paperback or kindle)
  • Shambhala Guide to Yoga – Georg Feuerstein

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Inner Axis | Yoga and Breathing Workshops and Lecture

with Max Strom
29 Sept - 1 Oct 2017

St Janshovenstraat 1

Inner Axis Training | Breathe to Heal

with Max Strom
2-4 Oct 2017

St. Janshovenstraat 1

Max Strom Inner Axis 200 Hour Training

with Jamie Elmer & Max Strom
Starts Sat. 27 Jan. 2018 | 4 weeks in total



Max Strom Inner Axis 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Starts 27 Jan 2018

Application:  Sending a request for an application training@yogamoves.nl.

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Max Strom Max Strom  See full bio ›