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We offer a number of paths & trainings to become a yoga teacher. Quality education is our value.

Continuing Education

Learn from some of the top trainers world-wide!

We are all students of yoga.

Regardless of how new or accomplished you are as a teacher, desire to learn should inspire continued learning and professional growth. At Yoga Moves we value a lifelong commitment to personal growth and development of talent. That is why we offer continuing education workshops from qualified top notch local and international teachers to support your yoga knowledge and skills.

Teaching yoga  takes passion, dedication, persistence and consistency of personal practice. Continuous education will support you in your personal development on the mat, as well as your evolution as an inspiring yoga teacher. We believe that all yoga teachers, no matter their experience or knowledge level, stand to benefit from continuous learning and from studying with teachers with extensive experience. Continuing education (CE) is important for both teachers and the students they teach.

When your education is of high quality, your services are of high quality. We want to help you to grow as a human being and to become the teacher you are meant to be.

Our CE courses range widely from philosophy to advanced asana to prenatal yoga. The objective of Yoga Moves’ CE is to train teachers with quality, professionalism, depth, safe and knowledge skills. People from all over the world come to study with us.

Yoga Moves is proud to have an esteemed faculty, from within our own community who are strong masterful teachers. We also offer modules with teachers from around the globe to bring a different perspective on yoga and in-depth learning.

Check out our schedule below to see what is happening next!

Standards for Yoga Teachers

Yoga Alliance International

Every 3  years starting from the initial date of graduating from your  200-hour training program and registration with Yoga Alliance International, all (E-) RYTs must submit  (to Yoga Alliance International) a minimum of:

  • 45 hours of yoga teaching
  • 30 hours of yoga training
  • At least 10 training hours must be Continuing Education (CE) contact hours.
  • No more than 20 training hours may be Continuing Education non-contact hours.

Please see more about Yoga Alliance International continuing education here

Some of our CE workshops or training may count as Yoga Alliance continuous education contact hours if they are taught by an YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuous Education Provider) teacher. This indicates that this teacher has extensive experience as a yogi and a trainer.  This will be specifically indicated in the event’s description with the YACEP logo.




People say

"It made me realise I’m still at the beginning and that there’s a whole world out there to discover! It made a big change in my life.”

Student Teacher Training Graduate

We are all students of yoga.    Never Stop Learning.    Ever.

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Basic Yoga Sequencing Course

with Marlene Henny
Fri 17 - Sun 19 Aug

St Janshovenstraat 1

Inner Axis Training | Breathe to Heal | FULLY BOOKED

with Max Strom
13-15 Sept 2018

St. Janshovenstraat 1

Sharing Silence | Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Part 2

with Lizzie Lasater
Fri 12 - Sun 14 Oct 2018

St Janshovenstraat 1

The Art of Lunar Prana Vinyasa and Prana Flow Massage - 5 day training

with Shiva Rea
Sat-Wed, 27-31 Oct. 2018

Amsterdam | Posthoornkerk & Vondelkerk

Learn to Practice and Teach Pranayama

with Doug Keller
7 Nov | For students and teachers

St Janshovenstraat 1

The Sacrum is the Heart of Movement: Sacral Stability and the Core

with Doug Keller
Thu 8 - Fri 9 Nov | Training

St Janshovenstraat 1

Yoga Moves Vinyasa Teacher Training (200h) | 2019

with various teachers
Starts Jan 2019

Yoga Moves Utrecht

iRest® Teacher Training Level 1

with James Reeves
Tue 5 - Sun 10 February 2019 | 6 Day Training

St. Janshovenstraat

Postnatal (Post Pregnancy) Yoga Teacher Training

with Kirsteen Ruffell
Fri 8 & Sat 9 Feb 2019

St Janshovenstraat 1

The Art of Sequencing Module | Teacher Intensive

with Marlene Henny
Starts 24 Feb | 5 Day Teacher Intensive

St Janshovenstraat 1

Yin XL and Q&A | for yogis and aspiring yin teachers

with Jose de Groot
Sun 24 March | Afternoon workshop

St Janshovenstraat 1

Adjustment Clinic for Primary Series

with Marilou van Hoek
Fri 29 - Sun 31 March

St Janshovenstraat

Yoga Moves Warm-Hatha-Vinyasa Teacher's Workshop

with Kristin Campbell
Sat 4 & Sun 5 May 2019

Jan van Scorelstraat 41

Yoga Moves Hot Yoga Teacher Training

with Kristin Campbell
6 - 11 May 2019

Jan van Scorelstraat 41


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