Yoga Moves Complaints Procedure

When you have any complaint(s) about a class, workshop or (teacher) training, or if there is an issue with a teacher, we would like to hear that as soon as possible from you. This way we can deal with the situation. All complaints will be dealt with the same – confidential – way.

Please, first contact the teacher to discuss the issue. When you are not satisfied with how the issue is dealt with, or when there is no teacher involved, you can start the following procedure.

Step 1:  Filing a complaint

A complaint must be filed in writing within 4 weeks after the act was done or the decision was made. Submit your complaint to:

Yoga Moves

T.a.v. General Manager.

St. Janshovenstraat 1

3572 RA Utrecht

Please describe your complaint clearly and the complaint must be signed.

Please include the following:

  • name, contact details (address/phone/mail);
  • which class, workshop, or training you followed/are following;
  • the name of the person who performed the act or who took the decision;
  • a clear description of the act or the decision;
  • the date when the act or decision took place;
  • and the action that should be taken.

You will receive a response to your complaint within 4 weeks. The intention of filing a complaint is to come to a mutual agreement that is satisfactory to both parties


Step 2: Applicable law, dispute resolution

When you cannot come to an agreement with Yoga Moves about the complaint then the Dutch law will apply.

Any disputes in connection with the General Terms and Conditions, or the participation in a Teacher Training, as the case may be, will be resolved exclusively by a certified mediator in Utrecht (Netherlands). The outcome of this independent party is binding for both the student and Yoga Moves. The decision will be announced in writing to both the student and Yoga Moves.

Yoga Moves will file the complaints and keep them for the duration that is needed. When Yoga Moves appears to be responsible, then the complaints will lead to structural improvements.


Namaste, your team at Yoga Moves