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The Yoga Moves Perinatal Yoga Program

Are you expecting, and do you want to take good care of yourself and your baby?

The Yoga Moves perinatal yoga program guides you personally through the different phases of your pregnancy. The prenatal yoga classes (14-30 weeks) help you to stay physically active in a safe and relaxed way. During the birth-prep classes (from about 30 weeks) you stay active and learn movements to prepare your body for labour. You will learn specific movements and breathing practices which you could use during labour and you will receive many useful tips and some information about giving birth. 

Some of our perinatal teachers are Birthlight certified. Birthlight yoga has great tools to help you after birth feel good in your body and to strengthen the bond between you and your baby.

Read more about the classes, courses and workshops and find the schedule below.

If you are an experienced yogi and want to continue regular classes, please make sure to read these guidelines.

About the program

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Pregnancy Yoga
Birth Prep
Postnatal Yoga
Partner Workshop
Prices & Schedule

Aimed at women 14-30 weeks into pregnancy. You will learn specific exercises to support your body during pregnancy, birth and beyond. You will explore the whole body, with lots of attention for the pelvis, the pelvic floor, back and shoulders. Every class includes breathing and will end with a deep relaxation. These prenatal classes combine vinyasa flow, mindfulness, bodywork and gives insights into your changing pregnant body, mind and spirit.
All Levels welcome.  No previous experience practicing yoga is required. If you have (pregnancy) complaints or injuries you are welcome to join. Sign Up

Join this active pregnancy yoga class in your third trimester, to prepare for giving birth and the first postnatal weeks. The emphasis will be on flowing yoga exercises, meditation, mindfulness and body work. Learn how body awareness, specific movements and breathing exercises can support you  in the delivery process and beyond. 

Level Starting 30 weeks. No previous experience with yoga required. To fully benefit from these classes, we recommend following at least 8 classes. 

Language Only available in Dutch at this time. 

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Doe mee met deze meer actieve zwangerschapsles vanaf je derde trimester, en bereid je voor op de bevalling en de eerste postnatale weken.  De nadruk ligt op vloeiende yoga oefeningen, meditatie, mindfulness en lichaamswerk.  Leer hoe je lichaamsbewustzijn, specifieke bewegingen en ademhalingsoefeningen je kunnen ondersteunen in het geboorteproces. Niveau Vanaf 30 weken. Eerdere ervaring met yoga is niet nodig. Om de voordelen van deze lessen volledig te ervaren, raden we aan minimaal 8 lessen te volgen.

Language Only available in Dutch at this time. 

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Postnatal yoga is created for newborn mothers who recently gave birth. From 6 weeks on you slowly move out of your tender postpartum period and you might feel ready to do something for you again. These classes are designed to give your body gentle attention after birth, to strengthen it , give it some soothing rest to regenerate, and to help you remember this is YOUR body again, after having shared it with your baby. We will focus on safely activating the pelvic floor muscles, belly muscles and back muscles — and bringing the core and body back together after giving birth. This class is taught by a trained pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula. It is suggested to join from 6-7 weeks postpartum on after a vaginal birth, and 8-9 weeks after a c-section. Please feel into your own body to see whether and when you feel ready to join. And ask advice if you need it. Sign Up

Partner Yoga | Nederlands gesproken

In deze workshop zullen we kijken wat jij en je partner tijdens de bevalling kunnen doen om samen met baby zo veel mogelijk ruimte te maken zodat je baby makkelijk geboren kan worden. Dit doen we door middel van oefeningen met ademhaling en beweging, op basis van wat er anatomisch gebeurt met het lichaam van moeder en de baby tijdens de bevalling. Gedeeltelijk is er overlap met oefeningen die ook in de prenatal/birth prep gedaan worden. Door je partner mee te nemen naar deze workshop kan hij/zij je ondersteunen om de technieken daadwerkelijk toe te  passen tijdens de bevalling. Je bent welkom om te komen met iemand die er bij de bevalling bij zal zijn. Workshops are offered in Dutch and English.


Partner Workshop | English Spoken

In this workshop we will teach your partner how to support you in the best possible way during childbirth and give him/her an idea of what you’ve been learning in the prenatal course as well. We work on postures, movements, birth positions combined with breath work connected to what happens anatomically your body during birth. The aim is to prepare both of you to make space for your baby to be born easy and light. If you’re not coming with a partner, you can bring someone else that will be there during birth.This workshop is recommended to attend between 30 and 37 weeks of pregnancy. Prepare for childbirth together with your partner. Sign Up

  • Does your schedule not accommodate our regular classes?
  • Do you prefer one-on-one prenatal instruction?
  • Do you want to keep up with your yoga practice through the nine months of pregnancy and the postnatal period.
  • Are you looking for some individualised attention, as an addition to group classes?
  • Do you have an ailment or injury that needs specific attention?
  • Do you want support at home through yoga in the first six weeks after birth?

A home visit for a pre- or postnatal yoga private class- also makes a wonderful gift for both mama and baby. Our perinatal yoga teachers are also available for private classes on location. Contact them directly to make an appointment.
Ina Heijnen | | €60/hour
Robin Hoenkamp | | €80/hour (€140 for 2 hour partner session)

You can use these class cards for all prenatal, birthprep and postnatal classes (excluding special workshops). Make sure to reserve your spot.

5x class card € 80, – (valid 6 months)
10-x class card € 140, – (valid 6 months)
Partner workshop € 55,- (per couple)