Sat, 23 Sept.2017

Your Body, Your Yoga | Your unique anatomy and why it matters.

With Juni Mok

Understand and create your own unique yoga practice

Have you ever wondered why some yoga poses are easy to get into, while others are difficult for you to master or even impossible. The reason for this is because You are unique! Our bodies are uniquely designed and this causes limitation to your movement and yoga practice (both yin and yang).

Would you like to discover how your body structure is different than other students and how this influences your yoga practice? By means of physical tests you will discover why you struggle with some yoga asanas, and why these positions will always be a challenge, even though, you have been trying for really long and hard, and using proper alignment.

Come and join these 3 x 3 hours yoga workshops that will give you insight in your own body and are based on the teachings of Paul Grilley (founder of yin yoga). These workshops are for everyone interested in understanding and learning more about Yoga and Anatomy in a fun and hands-on way, regardless if the intention is to teach, or simply to deepen your own practice.

In the first session, we will dive into the basic anatomy of the human body, focusing on anatomical variation and what causes the limitations to movement. The second workshop looks at the hip joint and the lower body, and the variety of shapes, movements and potential restrictions to movement in the hips, knees, ankles and feet. The last workshop will focus on the upper body. You will also learn the difference between an aesthetic and functional approach to yoga and why the latter is far more likely to lead to optimal health. All three sessions include a yin yoga practice, to experience and create more understanding and acceptance of our own body. It is Your body and hence Your yoga practice.

Saturday 23 September  |  14.00 – 17.00
Price   €39
Location   Jan van Scorelstraat 41 Utrecht


Lean why some poses come easy, and some don’t.

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About the teacher

Juni Mok

By chance, Juni discovered yoga. She noticed the positive effect of yoga on her physical and mental health and soon yoga became a part of her daily life. It helped her to deal with her busy life as a corporate consultant, to find more balance, strength and acceptance.

To deepen her practice, knowledge and understanding, she completed her first teacher training, shortly after this encounter and has been teaching ever since. Her life has unfolded in a different way, since that first class. Things have been put into perspective. She realized that life is short, and you’d better “live your dream and share your passion”. As a result, she quit her corporate job and started a worldwide yoga journey, teaching in idyllic tropical places and joining many teacher trainings (1200+ hours) and intensives with greatly inspiring teachers. Guiding lights on this path are Tara Judelle and Paul Grilley.

Juni believes that the practice of yoga and mindful living enables her to cultivate the ability to find happiness in each day, realizing that every experience holds its own beauty. She loves inspiring and helping others to find their own power and happiness in life. Her classes are dynamic and inspirational, allowing space for growth both on and off the mat.

Juni teaches multiple yoga classes ranging from vigorous yang to calm and gentle yin, including workshops and a 200 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Juni is registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500 and YACEP).

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