11 Feb 2018 | Sunday Evening Special

Yoga in the Dom Tower

With Ingeborg Timmerman

Moving Meditation Classes with Yoga Moves Teachers

Reconnect with your city, reconnect with your body

Give yourself the unforgettable experience of practicing the art of yoga among the historical walls of the Dom Tower.

Be a ‘tourist’ in your own body. Discover the different layers of your body with the curious open mind of a traveller. Reconnect with your physical body, your energetic body and your spiritual body and heal yourself. Allow yourself to be guided in moving meditation by some of the most experienced yoga teachers of Yoga Moves. Expect the unexpected, immerse yourself in stillness or in intense rhythmical movement – anything can happen – just like in an unknown city.

The first edition of these Sunday specials in the Dom Tower will be led by Ingeborg Timmerman.

Ingeborg will teach you how to connect on a deeper level with who you are and with the world around you. By learning how to work with blocked energy and how to free it up, your body will be more open, your life force will flow and your life becomes more effortless, free and happy.

Date & Time Sunday 11 February | 19.30 – 21.30 (door opens at 19.00)

Price € 20

Location De Dom Domplein 21, Utrecht

Space limited, make sure to reserve your spot in time!

All levels are welcome!

And…. more classes to come in the summer!


Space limited, make sure to reserve your spot in time!

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About the teacher

Ingeborg Timmerman

For Ingeborg yoga is her life. When she read the yoga sutra’s 10 years ago, she realised this was the path she had been on for a long time. The asanas, meditation and breath work showed her a new way to free her body and mind. It keeps opening up her heart more and more. She loves Yoga and the way it teaches her something new every day.

In her last job as a manager she came across a lot of people with stiff necks or shoulders and even burn out. She sought for a way to help them improve their quality of life. Through Pilates she learned about Yoga and when she did, it felt like coming home. She realised that she had been practicing with yoga philosophy all her life. By reconnecting with her breath, she learned how to be softer towards herself and listen to her body. Yoga gives her freedom on many levels. Her daily practice inspires her teaching.

In Ingeborg’s classes you will find a new awareness of your body, investigate the nature of your mind and discover how your breath is the link to the world of energy within. Ingeborg has completed several trainings, including Ashtanga Yoga with Paul Dallaghan in Koh Samui. At the moment her studies include Lama Tsultrim Allione’s practice of ‘Feeding Your Demons’ (Inner Spirit). She is very happy to share these beautiful practices with you.

Ingeborg also offers private ‘Feeding your Demons’ sessions, for more info contact the Yoga Moves studio.

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