Sat 16 Dec | Afternoon

Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine

With Marjon Rozema & Roslyn Go

Take your Yin Yoga practice & your health to the next level!

Tune in to the Winter season with this special workshop. Come and join Yin Yoga teacher Marjon and acupuncturist Roslyn Go. You will be guided through a sequence designed especially for the Winter season, ending with an acupuncture session to top it off.

Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine draw from the same source. We follow the ancient Chinese view on the body and mind – seeing it as one. We start our workshop with Yin Yoga, ending with an acupuncture session. This deepens the effect of your Yin practice by working precisely on the corresponding meridians & acupuncture points. Both in Yin Yoga and Acupuncture we follow the 5 Element theory, seeing our bodies, emotional wellbeing and state of mind as a reflection of the world and nature around us. This workshop is last in a series of 4, aligning our bodies with the seasons.

In the Winter Special we will work on the Water element, which belongs to the season of Winter. Water is symbolic for inner wisdom, willpower, vitality and living in tune with your unique essence. In our bodies the bones, joints, lower back, kidneys, urinary bladder and ears are ruled by the Water element. We will translate this in a sequence working on finding fluidity and strength in the back and legs, allowing the body to store up energy.

Roslyn Go is a renowned acupuncturist with her own clinic and an extensive experience over the years. Her focus is mainly on treating women’s disorders (i.e. menstruation, fertility, peri-menopause), with a specialization in fertility disorders. She also likes to practice cosmetic acupuncture. Roslyn is a warm, down to earth person, passionate about the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Marjon and Roslyn are looking forward to share their knowledge with you. Try out this brand new combination of YIN YOGA & TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE at Yoga Moves! During the workshop you will be divided in groups to ensure all will feel the profound effect of the acupuncture session.

Refresh your energy and give your system an extra boost with the complementary pair of Yin Yoga and acupuncture. Enjoy a special juice afterwards fitting the cold winter months.


Dates:  Saturday 16 Dec | 14.00-17.30

Price:  €49

Location: Jan van Scorelstraat 41-43, Utrecht

The details

Level: No experience needed.

What to bring: Please wear comfy, loose fitting clothing – not tight leggings.

Note on the acupuncture session:
The purpose is simply to help calm and re-balance the body. Specific points are chosen to help detox the body and mind of environmental toxins. This maximizes stress-release and the ability of the body to heal and recharge itself.

Please note this is not the proper venue to have your unique and specific health concerns addressed. For individual diagnoses and treatment we advice a separate appointment to start your personal treatment plan.







Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine


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About the teachers

Marjon Rozema

Marjon discovered yoga in her late twenties. Working as a tv journalist, she dealt with stressful deadlines on a daily basis. Yoga for her initially was a way to find peace and calm inside. As the years went by, her visits to yoga studios increased. In 2005 she started her family and slowly intensified her practice. She noticed the effect of yoga on her wellbeing. Not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

After her second son was born in 2008, Marjon finally decided to give herself a ‘treat’: she took a year off and started the Teacher Training at Yoga Moves. In hindsight this was the best gift she could have ever given herself! Ever since she can’t imagine a life without yoga. She still works in tv. However, yoga makes her follow her heart and ‘gut feeling’ more, making her life lighter and less strenuous.

Marjon has broadened her horizon with Yin Yoga, after studies with José de Groot, Sarah Powers and Anoshe Overington. She currently teaches yin (flow) yoga and vinyasa flow.

Being a late starter, she can relate to beginners and will make everyone feel at ease. Her warmth and humor will make sure you feel safe and secure. With a lot of attention she will guide and challenge you according to your capacity. You can attend her classes on Sunday and Wednesday. Be there to expect a well thought out mixture of yin postures, meditation and breath. Marjon is looking forward to see you there!


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Roslyn Go

Roslyn is a Registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbalist with a clinic in Amsterdam. Her focus is mainly on treating women’s disorders (i.e. menstruation, fertility, peri-menopause), with a specialization in fertility disorders. On top of that, she also likes to practice cosmetic acupuncture.
Besides her clinic in Amsterdam, Roslyn co-owns a clinic in Zoetermeer with her brother who is an acupuncturist and Tuina therapist. She is a member of NVTCG Zhong – the Dutch association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Roslyn has graduated in Classical Chinese Acupuncture (2004) and in Chinese Herbal Medicine (2007) from Qing Bai Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She deepened her knowledge with a Master Course of TCM Classics (Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue) at Shandong University of TCM in Jinan, China in cooperation with TCM Classics (2009/2010).  Roslyn has completed internships at the Second People’s TCM Hospital in Qing Dao, China and Shandong TCM hospital in Jinan, China.  In her spare time she has a great interest in continued education, such as the herbal seminars by Dr. Greta Young Jie De and the Xiao Yao Tiao Shen needling techniques seminars by Prof. Dr. Qiuhua Shan (China) organized by Academy Bo Yi – TCM in the Netherlands.

Her main interests are travel, food, Asian philosophy, arthouse movies, and yoga – especially Yin Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. At present she is a Kundalini Yoga teacher in training in Amsterdam. Roslyn is keen on combining the principles of TCM and the meridian theory.

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General reminders

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.