Sun 24 March | Afternoon workshop

Yin XL and Q&A | for yogis and aspiring yin teachers

With Jose de Groot

Dive into your yin practice; retain the poses longer then ever before, and uncover the deeper into the layers of your body and mind!

Experience the healing benefits of Yin yoga at a physical, emotional and mental level. Take the time to turn inward with this extra long yin class, taught by José de Groot.

In this masterclass, you will hold the asanas longer than usual. Instead of 5 minutes, you will have up to 15 minutes to dive deeper into the pose. The effects of such a deep stretch will benefit your energy, body and soul.

The masterclass will begin with a long, minimally guided meditation. Become aware of what is happening in the now: breath, thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. During the yin practice you will confront your boundaries and the (un)conscious restrictions you might encounter on an emotional, physical and mental level. Staying in a pose for a longer time, allows you to fully relax and let go of bodily tensions. This will enable you to accept the present moment as it is. During your practice you will also have the opportunity to balance the left and right side of your body, through focusing on your most rigid side.

Holding a pose for a long time, can feel intense. On those moments, José will be there to guide you, so you can dive deeper into the core of your experience. This will allow you to gain more insight in your Being. During the end-relaxation, you can observe the effects the asanas have had on you. At the end of the masterclass, there will be another moment of meditative reflection and introspection. Feel what has arisen in you, without any form of judgement.

There will also be space for a question and answer session, where aspiring yin yoga teachers can ask José about the Yin Yoga and Anatomy Teacher Training (RYT 200 hours). This training will be taught from June 2019 onward. More information about this training can be found here.

Date & Time Sunday 24 March 2019 | 14.00-17.00
Price €39 | Infinity members €30
Location Sint Janshovenstraat 1
Level All | Yogis and aspiring yin yoga teachers


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About the teacher

Jose de Groot

José de Groot’s passion is yoga & dance and she is greatly interested in anatomy, physiology, psychology and philosophy. At Yoga Moves, she teaches yoga anatomy workshops and yin teacher trainings. Here she combines yoga practice, meditation, philosophy and practical understanding of anatomy. In everything, José offers seeps through the conviction that everyone is different and unique, therefore the yoga & meditation practice should be adjusted accordingly. Offering personal adjustments and variations for each yoga pose, she meets your physical and/or emotional needs. You can expect to be triggered in discovering your own yoga practice with endless possibilities and no limitations. José’s workshops and trainings are an opportunity to experience and explore all that you are to the fullest.

José offers anatomy workshops and Yin trainings as well in Finland and Spain. Together with Jordi Ibern, a Reiki therapist, she teaches Yin yoga & Reiki workshops and retreats in Europe. Besides Yin yoga, Jose has specialised herself in Fertility yoga which she developed with Martine Cornelissen, an acupuncturist. Together they offer Fertility retreats for women who want get and stay pregnant. Currently José is writing her first book on practical anatomy applied to yoga.

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