15 December 2018

Tantra Transformation

With Antar Khirad

A journey from Self to Self which liberates you! ​

Join us on this transformational journey.
Awaken your senses
Move out of the mundane periphery of life
Dive deeper into the sacred presence of ‘Now’.

‘Tantra’: a most controversial word, which has been described in many ways.

Tantra is beyond any description. It is a metaphor, can’t be grasped by the mundane mind. It s a way of being, hidden in the daily life.
It is called ‘Tantra’ because it elaborates ‘Tan’: copious and profound matters, especially relating to the principles of reality: ‘Tattva’. It provides liberation: ‘Tra’. The sage Patanjali defined it as ‘Savtantra’. ’Sav means ‘Self’ and ‘Tantra’ means ‘Liberation’: One who is realised in the ‘Self’, Liberated.

In this workshop you’ll enter into the state of self realising, breaking the grip of the mind, letting go of stored emotions, realising past and future motions of the mind and diving deeper into the sacred presence of ‘Now’. With partners or alone, it is a journey from Self to Self which liberates you!

The workshop contains the following elements:

  • Emotion releasing
  • Healing of accumulated past pains and misery by letting go
  • Energising with new energies and throbbing heart with loving power
  • Rejoicing oneself with tremendous gratitude
  • Integrating and rooting in Self
  • Celebration


Dates & Times 17 Nov & 15 Dec | 19.15-22.15

Location St. Janshovenstraat 1

Price €39 | €30 Infinity/U-pas/Student per workshop


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About the teacher

Antar Khirad

Antar is a yoga teacher and ayurvedic massage therapist. He was born in India and has been living in Holland since 2000. Ever since he has been sharing internationally his life time experience of ayurveda, yoga and meditation.
In his classes you will get an understanding about awareness through physical exercise and breathing techniques (pranayama) to maintain your emotions such as anger, depression, fatigue, insomnia and overweight, all the common problems of our society.
Antar had his main yoga education at the Shivananda Ashram in Rishikesh and Shivananda Ashram in Kerala. He has been teaching yoga and meditation from a young age in India and is currently running his meditation center near Rishikesh, India.
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