Fri evening 6 Oct

Let’s Talk Tantra | An Evening for Women

With Sandra Carson

Tap into masculine and feminine energies and practice embodiment with tantra.

Tantra is a very broad name for many different practices. Some practices are soft and energy oriented, some are purely meditative, some are sexual. With all the tantra out there in the world, you can get easily confused. Besides the diversity of practices and the confusion about what tantra “really is,” there is an underlying philosophy that forms the basic foundation of all these practices. But all practices will have in common the tantric practice of tapping into masculine and feminine energies and the practice of embodiment.

This workshop will explain this concept, introduce you to the underlying philosophy, some fun and playful exercises, so you can feel it for yourself! This will be an evening, a safe and welcoming space, in which you will be able to explore your curiosity, share with others and have a conversation about what is real for you. The exercises we will do are fully clothed, do not involve touching and are oriented to stay within your own boundaries.

  • the big picture- tantric universe
  • feminine and masculine
  • embodiment practice
  • sharing exercises and contemplation


Date Friday 6 October | 19.15-22.15

Location St. Janshovenstraat 1 | Utrecht

Price €39 | €30 Infinity Members


Let’s Talk Tantra!

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About the teacher

Sandra Carson

Sandra Carson is a knowledgable and insightful yoga teacher who has been teaching internationally since 2002.  She teaches mostly in the Vinyasa style with great care and compassion for her students.  Challenging the students in the practice, she carefully guides them from empowered awareness to the space where transformation can take place.  Teaching with clarity and attention for detail enabling the practitioner to experience shifts in both the body and attitude.  Sandra’s studies, love and curiosity for this practice have led her to teaching yoga as a therapy, helping people to relieve physical pain and supporting their own ability for healing.  Sandra teaches Anusara yoga and teaches weekly classes, workhops and trainings. She is a teacher at EkhartYoga, an international online yogastudio.  She is an E-RYT500 and Anusara Yoga teacher. Occassionally she writes articles that have been published by, Elephant Journal, Yoga Moves, Yoga Magazine and her own website

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