11-13 May 2018

Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga | For yogis & teachers

With Hilary Anne Brown

Learning to slow down is simple, but not easy.

Slow Flow Vinyasa integrates deep conscious non-ambitious breathing, mindful yoga moves, integration of strong muscular based hatha yoga practice with qualities of releasing, pauses, day dreaming, attending to what is. Explore a rich tool box of skills, sequencing approaches and subtle practices that you can integrate in your own practice and teaching.

Slow Flow Vinyasa is an approach to practice that emerged from my own practice, experience, needs and observations of many students. We need, long, want to slow down and smell the rose in life. Sometimes yoga practice is another thing on our to-do list, and we can move and even breath through it in the same way we go for a career or go to the gym. Of course, moving through yoga “mindlessly” is better than nothing, but I long to be in my life, not just a visitor here. I long to feel the connections I have – the love that is possible – the emotions that are rising and falling in any moment, and the touch of the wind on my skin. For me – this is real yoga.

When I am living with awareness and gratitude for these sensations and experiences, I feel I can say, yes – I am a yogi. Yet we all experience times when we are going through the motions of life. Doing that for too long is deadening and the perfect ground for burn out or worse. Yoga is often sighted as a way around these symptoms of disconnection. However, in my experience, not always.
I have been known to say: “As you do anything, is how you do everything”.
Unless we learn to do one thing differently – consciously and with awareness, the chance to do anything differently is small.

That is why I developed Slow Flow Vinyasa as a way to bring the qualities of awareness, the practice of flow, the experience of riding the natural waves of life, alive inside a yoga practice.

Slow Flow Vinyasa is NOT:
A slowed down traditional vinyasa class.
An easy flow class (many people find it very challenging)
Doing whatever in a slow way.
A restorative or yin class after some flow

It IS:
The intention is to guide and help people move and breath deeper than they have ever experienced. In this way – as a teacher you must guide them and know how to push and pull in a way that keeps the students deep inside their practice yet willing to explore deeper than before.

Things we will explore:

  • Integration of Somatic Moves
  • Mindfulness – how to lead it for real
  • Integration of life philosophy, asking questions, being yourself
  • Breathing explorations, Vayus, Power of pausing and many more
  • Alternative sequencing concepts for slowing down
  • Teaching alignment lightly
  • Guiding meditation
  • The feminine field, sensual aspects of practice
  • and a whole lot of intuition…

This course is for yogis interested in deepening their practice and also for teachers who like to understand more clearly how to bring people into a state of bliss through yoga in a slow and juicy way.

Dates & Times  Friday 11 – Sunday 13 May 2018 | 10.30 – 16.30
Location  St. Janshovenstraat 1
Price  €199 Early Bird (if paid before 15 March) | €240


Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga Training with Hilary Brown

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About the teacher

Hilary Anne Brown

Hilary Anne Brown is the founder of Yoga Moves, which she opened in Utrecht in the summer of 2001. A native Californian, Hilary has studied and practiced many forms of yoga, healing arts, massage & bodywork and dance since the early 1980s. She has yoga teaching certificates in Iyengar, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa (Prana) Flow, and is recognized as an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500) since 2006. She has studied with numerous known and unknown yogis to whom she is ever grateful.

Hilary teaches a lyrical form of vinyasa yoga, a fluid but precise, dynamic yet relaxed method that incorporates the breath as a focus of moving meditation. She teaches with sensitivity and strength, letting you discover what yoga can bring to your life in a real and tangible ways. Breath is always a theme in her work, but equally understanding and feeling what you are doing. Alignment is a key ingredient and joy a natural outcome of her teaching. Sometimes you will laugh, cry or dance in her classes! Hilary is a committed yogi that helps her students take a step closer to themselves.

“.. it is rare to find a Vinyasa teacher with solid experience and true wisdom, who can introduce new technical material, while at the same time guide her students to surrender into the depth of breath and the pleasure of flow.” Gayle Olson, Exotic Yoga Retreats

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