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1 Sept. 2017

Restorative Flow Practice Workshop

With Lizzie Lasater

It's time to relax - If not now, when??

We are all exhausted. Stress, the leading syndrome of our urban lives, leads to heart disease, obesity, infertility, indigestion, lowered immune function and much more. In the pursuit of health and work-life balance, yoga has become another thing on our todo list. In our ambitious obsession with doing we have forgotten the healing power of being.

In Restorative yoga we learn how to stop “doing” and start “being”. In Restorative yoga the pose is the actor and we are the receiver.

Join Lizzie Lasater for a dive into the radical pleasure of deceleration. The class begins with a delicious slow flow to unwind our bodies from the week. We then transition into a Restorative practice to soothe our nervous systems and release stress.

Open to all levels. Taught in English.

Date & Time: Friday 1 September 19.15-21.45

Location: St. Janshovenstraat

Price: €39 | €30 for Infinity Members


Want more? Lizzie will also be teaching a  Training for Restorative Yoga from 1-3 September .



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About the teacher

Lizzie Lasater

Raised in San Francisco and trained as a designer, Lizzie Lasater teaches restorative yoga internationally and online. She sometimes jokes that yoga “runs in the family” because her Mom, Judith Hanson Lasater, co-founded Yoga Journal Magazine and has been teaching since 1971.  Lizzie posts daily on social media about the pleasure of deceleration. She lives in Salzburg with her Austrian husband. www.lizzielasater.com

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