Sunday 14 July

Rehab and Prehab | What is the Role of Yoga Preventing and Healing Sports Injuries

With Jim Harrington

One bad injury can be the end of a sports career. But also injuries, like accidents are inevitable in sports. They do happen and being able to quickly recover from inevitable injuries is one of the blessings of an athletes yoga practice.

The prevention of injury can extend a career by several years: Ryan Giggs, Gerry Lopes and Rahul Dravid are examples of professional sports legends who have used yoga as prehab and rehab with great success.

Effectively preventing and recovery from injury is one of the keys for both amateur and professional athletes.  Jim has shaped this pre-hab and re-hab workshop using his experience of 2 decades of therapeutic work.

Principles of yoga-based interventions and care for prevention and recovery for these common problems:

  • shoulder-girdle (rotator cuff) injuries
  • intervertebral disk injury
  • 4 different typical knee injuries
  • Understanding over-use injuries

This information will be valuable for anyone who practices yoga or virtually any kind of activity as these are such common experiences.

This series of workshops is essentially about two things:

  • Bio-mechanically effective practice and teaching methods,
  • Very specific application of the profound body-mind tools that traditional yoga has given us.
Invest in this workshop if you are:
  • an amateur or professional striving to be your best
  • a professional movement therapist or coach
  • a yoga teacher looking to expand on your skills and influence

Dates & Times Sunday 14 July 2019 | 11:00-13:00

Location Sint Janshovenstraat 1

€45 per session | €195 for all
Early bird until and Infinity discount: €36 or €185 for all
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About the teacher

Jim Harrington

“My philosophy is that anyone who can breathe can do yoga. You don’t have to be super bendy or even very fit to start feeling the benefits of yoga practice. I get a huge amount of satisfaction out of seeing people discover those benefits.”

Jim Harrington has been practising and teaching yoga for more than 20 years. Jim has been called “The teacher’s teacher” because he has mentored more than 150 other teachers through his mentorship and teacher training programmes.

Jim’s approach to yoga is based on decades of experience in traditional yoga as well as modern exercise. The synthesis of the ancient traditions with contemporary thinking and research-based science continues to inform his teaching of yoga, pranayama and meditation.

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