Sunday Evening 12 May

Prenatal Partner Workshop

With Ina Heijnen & Robin Hoenkamp

 Prepare for childbirth together with your partner.

In this workshop we will teach your partner how to support you in the best possible way during childbirth and give him/her an idea of what you’ve been learning in the prenatal course as well. We work on postures, movements, birth positions combined with breath work connected to what happens anatomically your body during birth. The aim is to prepare both of you to make space for your baby to be born easy and light. If you’re not coming with a partner, you can bring someone else that will be there during birth.

In deze workshop zullen we kijken wat jij en je partner tijdens de bevalling kunnen doen om samen met baby zo veel mogelijk ruimte te maken zodat je baby makkelijk geboren kan worden. Dit doen we door middel van oefeningen met ademhaling en beweging, op basis van wat er anatomisch gebeurt met het lichaam van moeder en de baby tijdens de bevalling. Door je partner mee te nemen naar deze workshop kan hij/zij je ondersteunen om de technieken daadwerkelijk toe te passen tijdens de bevalling.

Sundays 19.45-21.45 on 12 May (EN) with Ina and 7 July (NL) with Robin
Price €55 per couple
Location Sint Janshovenstraat
Level This class has the most effect when you also join our prenatal classes. If you haven’t been able to do so you are also welcome to join this class. This workshop is recommended to attend between 30 and 37 weeks of pregnancy.

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About the teachers

Ina Heijnen

Ina Heijnen has completed the Yoga Moves Teacher Training. She has had some amazing teachers on her journey. For example Max Strom, who can transform lives by teaching how to breath differently. But also Asaf Hacmon who combines the art of alignment and creativity in Iyengar yoga. The classes she teaches focus on breath and movement. By doing this students learn more about themselves on different levels (physical and emotional).

For Ina the meaning of Yoga is creating energy, health and happiness. Through movement and breath she has learned to align her body, mind and feelings and to create a feeling of balance. As a yoga teacher she shares her enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to help students find their balance.

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Robin Hoenkamp

Robin offers Birthlight prenatal yoga classes for women from all backgrounds, with different yoga experiences and for many physical ailments.Robin has two children and followed Birthright yoga classes during her own pregnancies.

Working as a legal consultant during daytime she knows how important it is to take time during pregnancy to care for body and baby, to let go of a mental work environment, and relax. She is very committed to her students and knows how to adapt to individual needs.

Her classes help to reduce and prevent common pregnancy-related issues resulting in greater enjoyment of pregnancy and birth. With clear instructions, ample tips for relaxation, and focus on attention for the body she creates a relaxed and warm atmosphere in her classes.

Robin completed her Vinyasa Teacher Training at Yoga Moves and is a Birthlight perinatal yoga certified teacher.

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