6 & 7 Feb 2019

Birthlight Perinatal Teacher Training – Part 2

With Kirsteen Ruffell

Empower pregnant women in a supportive group atmosphere with safe and competent pregnancy yoga classes.

Beyond safe and effective practice, this course aims to relay the ability to use yoga for helping pregnant women through their individual journeys. Learn to teach tailored individual classes and group sessions that foster a supportive atmosphere in which long lasting friendships may blossom among mothers to be.

Birthlight has been a pioneer course provider in Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth since the 1990s. Perinatal Yoga Teacher Training designed by one of Europe’s most profound experts in the field of womens health, birth and birthing issues – Francoise Freedman.


The course is open to applicants with a recognized yoga teaching qualification, ideally from a 200h course.
This is part 2 of the training. (last 2 days of 6), you must have completed the first part to attend the second. Space may be limited due to the enrollment of the part 1 group.

What you will learn on this course:

  • Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth is taught as an experiential journey from conception to labour and the early postpartum period. The course imparts practices that enhance wellbeing at each stage of pregnancy
  • All practices are taught with relevant anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and labour in an integrated way. Theory is never separated from practice but always blended for a deeper understanding of the beneficial effects of yoga in each trimester
  • All the components of yoga are included and modifications of classic practices clearly explained: Asanas are modified with flowing movement and progressive steps or elements. Pranayama is adapted to meet pregnant women’s needs; Bandha is modified to facilitate birth
  • Participants discover facets of yoga they may not have come across in their previous training, in relation to deep pelvic muscles, connections between the breath and the diaphragms, sound practices (Nada Yoga), self-nurture (Ayurveda) and micro-movements developed within birthlight
  • The course explores physical aspects but also emotional and spiritual changes in the transition to motherhood. Yoga principles such as non-violence and detachment are directly applicable to childbirth
  • Participants experience all practices before learning to teach them

Dates: 6 & 7 Feb 2019


If you come to part 2 from another part 1 course:  €440
(If you have already paid the full course up front @ Yoga Moves, but are changing your dates to another course at Yoga Moves, the change fee is €90)


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The details

Studying materials & assessment

  • A very comprehensive manual  given at the start of the course
  • Resources available via the birthlight training resources website
  • Part 1 is tutor assessed by means of a practical.
  • Part 2 is tutor- assessed
  • On-going birthlight support

During the home study that follows the course, coursework consists of a worksheet including an essay (2000 words) and 10 questions, two case-studies, four class observations and a review. The aim is to develop your teaching skills and gain confidence for the best delivery of your classes.

Students get support from their tutor and fellow students via online groups and will have access to a dedicated members training website (learning resources, business and marketing resources, film clips, latest research.)

On successful completion of the training, teachers will be able to list their classes on the birthlight website.


The Perinatal Yoga Diploma is awarded after assessment of coursework and a final practical on the Part 2 course.


Register as a Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) Prenatal teacher when adding the Birthlight Postnatal Yoga module (2-days) to this course.  

Successful completion of Part 1 and 2 Perinatal Yoga plus Postnatal Yoga together including the coursework create a comprehensive training of 8 days that satisfy the requirements to register as a Yoga Alliance Professionals Prenatal Yoga Teacher.

Course attendance requirement

Students must attend the courses in full in order to get the qualification. If a student misses more than 2 hours of the course, then the certification cannot be granted and arrangements will need to be discussed and agreed in order to complete.

List of benefits for your clients when teaching a Birthlight class

  • Includes flowing sequences originally designed for pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Not just focused on birth, but also on the enjoyment of pregnancy all the way through to labour and beyond
  • Combines movement, breath, relaxation and postural awareness
  • Effective birth preparation
  • Supports pregnant women with common ailments such as backache and pelvic pain
  • Gives women the opportunity to connect with their baby and encourages prenatal bonding
  • Prepares the body and mind for labour and birth with a range of stretches, positions, movements, breathing, sound and relaxation techniques
  • Supports each group of mothers-to-be with individual and group attention
  • Creates circles of friendship and support.

Be prepared for the course by:

  • Working on the Pre-reading and thinking
  • Planning the case studies by looking for a venue and a group of pregnant women and the class observation (check the list of qualified teachers near you on our website)


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About the teacher

Kirsteen Ruffell

Kirsteen Ruffell began her own Yoga practice began by chance in 1990 and she’s been enjoying it ever since. Apart from Pre & Post Natal Yoga & Baby Yoga with Birthlight she also has a background of training in Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and she has been teaching since 1998. She finds it a great joy that Yoga can bring such benefit during pregnancy, birth and beyond, not just to Mum and baby but to partners, siblings and all the family.

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