7 Sept | Friday Evening

Let’s get Lunar | New Moon

With Marjon Rozema

Tune into the subtle frequencies of the moon’s cycles

Feel how adjusting yourself to the moon cycle positively affects your mood and wellbeing. As each phase of the moon is accompanied by a special energy, it affects not only the tides, but us humans – mostly liquid ourselves – as well.

Join Marjon in this series of 4 workshops. Expect soft yoga, meditation, mudras, pranayama, movement and stillness. Get in tune with the subtle frequencies of the moon’s cycles, influencing our thoughts, actions and awareness.

Tonights’ focus is the New Moon. A new moon has no illumination. It is only visible during a solar eclipse. See it as a new beginning, a period to sow new seeds in fresh new soil. Focus on what you’d like to accomplish and manifest in this world. What do you desire? From new moon, to waxing moon, to full moon, waning moon and back again. Learn how to connect to different lunar energies, both on and off the mat.

Date Friday 7 September | 19.15 – 21.15

Level All | Nice to have some experience with meditation

Price per workshop €29 | €22 Infinity Members

Location St Janshovenstraat 1 | Utrecht

Dates coming up
23 Nov | Full Moon
18 Jan  | Waxing Moon



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About the teacher

Marjon Rozema

Marjon discovered yoga in her late twenties. Working as a tv journalist, she dealt with stressful deadlines on a daily basis. Yoga for her initially was a way to find peace and calm inside. As the years went by, her visits to yoga studios increased. In 2005 she started her family and slowly intensified her practice. She noticed the effect of yoga on her wellbeing. Not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

After her second son was born in 2008, Marjon finally decided to give herself a ‘treat’: she took a year off and started the Teacher Training at Yoga Moves. In hindsight this was the best gift she could have ever given herself! Ever since she can’t imagine a life without yoga. She still works in tv. However, yoga makes her follow her heart and ‘gut feeling’ more, making her life lighter and less strenuous.

Marjon has broadened her horizon with Yin Yoga, after studies with José de Groot, Sarah Powers and Anoshe Overington. She currently teaches yin (flow) yoga and vinyasa flow.

Being a late starter, she can relate to beginners and will make everyone feel at ease. Her warmth and humor will make sure you feel safe and secure. With a lot of attention she will guide and challenge you according to your capacity. You can attend her classes on Sunday and Wednesday. Be there to expect a well thought out mixture of yin postures, meditation and breath. Marjon is looking forward to see you there!


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