Sat 22 December | Once a month

Nada Yoga | The Yoga of Sound

With Lotte Plessen

Let your mind follow the mantric flow and discover the power of sound

Are you curious about Nada Yoga, The Yoga of Sound? Join us and discover the healing effect of sound in this Nada Yoga workshop.

Nada Yoga means ‘Union through Sound’. In this ancient Indian system sound has a strong effect on our whole being. The different vibrations of sound can sooth both body and mind. Also sound can help us to connect with the heart and relax into our deepest emotions.

Not only listening to sound has a great impact, also singing has a strong influence on us. Expressing yourself by singing mantras can be very liberating. The hormone oxytocin releases during chanting, which enhances the feeling of trust and connection. Also endorphins are released, hormones associated with feelings of pleasure. No wonder chanting can be very empowering!

When chanting mantras is new for you, it can be out of your comfort zone to use your voice for something else than just talking. Fortunately, chanting mantras is not about singing ‘right’. In order to experience the balancing effect of sound there’s no need to sing beautifully.

We will start this workshop with a Sound Relaxation in Savasana. The different vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls and other instruments will invite body and mind to melt into softness. After the sound relaxation we gently wake up the body and slowly build up towards chanting different mantras. In this part of the workshop we are using mantras a tool to calm the mind.

Dates  22 December

Time Saturdays | 19.30-21.30

Price €20 | €15 for Infinity Members

Location St Janshovenstraat 1


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About the teacher

Lotte Plessen

Lotte’s yoga journey began when she started asking herself questions about life. This curiosity brought her into contact with yoga from an early age and made her decide to study at the University of Humanistics Studies. She instantly fell in love with yoga and watched it change her life. For her yoga is a process of self-inquiry, a natural method for discovering who we are. Yoga can allow us to become aware of ourselves, to feel connected with our inner world and our surroundings. It can help us experience life with stability and peace without depending on the ever-changing daily circumstances.

At this moment Lotte loves teaching yin and more dynamic yang classes. She studied yin yoga with José de Groot, Anoshe Overington and Sarah Powers. By guiding you safely into different postures she invites you to soften the body and allow the mind to slow down. In her classes she welcomes you to be mindfully present, to become aware of the breath and connect to your inner silence, your inner you.

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