7-10 Dec 2017 | Teacher Intensive

Living Alignment, Radiant Body and Open Heart | Training for Yoga Teachers

With Sandra Carson

Let alignment and Tantra become an inspiration to your practice and teaching!

Take your practice and teaching to a new level with a training especially designed for teachers of yoga to serve your students and align yourself with the pulse of Shakti! You will learn about aligning the physical body and flow of Prana and be inspired by the uplifting Tantric philosophy. As a teacher, learn how to see your student’s body and become confident to assist and serve your student to better alignment and empowerment.

In this 4 day training you will learn about:

  • The Grounded Body- skeletal alignment- when bones are aligned, joints are stable and open, a strong foundation is laid to awaken the energy in the body. Focus on the foundations in asana- feet, hands, pelvis and shoulder girdle. This knowledge will give you the tools to asses your student’s needs and it supports recovery from, and prevent injury in yoga asana
  • The Awakened Body – conscious pulsing of energy through the muscles and tissues of the body. The flow of energy in the body can be directed as a way to activate, stabilize and open the body to make space for the breath and increase the flow of Prana. It supports safe and healthy stretching in yoga asana.
  • The Tantric Universe- the pulse of Divine Shakti, Energy, within all of us, moves within everything that exists. The Light and Darkness that Tantra embraces within all creation, the Bliss that is the Essence of all Life.

About Alignment

Good alignment is nothing short of sexy! Beyond the therapeutic value of having a well aligned body, there is a more “juicy” effect of understanding the biomechanics of the body. When you understand the technical aspects of alignment, the way the bones are aligned, the way muscles can be engaged and the way you create stability and aligned stretch in your asana practice, something magical happens…

The experience of yourself in the pose becomes more expansive, you feel more connected and aware of your body, you become more stable and spacious. Your breath becomes fuller, the circulation of fluids and energy increases, space in the mind appears, and you tap into and align with the pulse of something bigger…

About Tantra

The principles of yoga and alignment are closely connected with what Tantra is about: consciously moving energy! Learning about Tantra you will help you understand the way the Universe is made, how you are made as well. Tantra’s viewpoint is not one that glorifies the “perfect enlightened Beings”, but shows you the way to dive deeper into the fullness of who you are. It teaches you to embrace your light and your dark sides, the guru within yourself, how Grace is present your life, and how to use your energies to manifest the life you love to live. It gives you a deeper insight into the obstacles we all face as humans and a radical acceptance and love of who we are as Divine, messed up beings!

Detailed content

  • Day 1- Movement in Consciousness – Standing postures, foundational alignment, intro into Tantric philosophy
  • Day 2- Prana Shakti Spanda- Forward bends and Twists, the pelvic foundation, tantric concepts of the world, duality and non-duality
  • Day 3 – Core Expansion- Arm balances, arm and shoulder alignment and subtle alignment, Manifesting in a Tantric universe, masculine and feminine energy
  • Day 4- Full Body Bliss – Backbending, the central axis and 4 gates of the body, the shouldergirdle foundation, diaphragmic breath, Consciousness and Power in creation

Dates Thursday 7 December- Sunday 10 December

Times Thu-Fr 09.00-17.00 and Sat-Sun 09.00-17.30 (45 minute break daily)

Price €450 | Early Bird €375 (if paid before 1 November)

This 30 hrs training qualifies for Yoga Alliance continuing education hours.



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About the teacher

Sandra Carson

Sandra Carson is a knowledgable and insightful yoga teacher who has been teaching internationally since 2002.  She teaches mostly in the Vinyasa style with great care and compassion for her students.  Challenging the students in the practice, she carefully guides them from empowered awareness to the space where transformation can take place.  Teaching with clarity and attention for detail enabling the practitioner to experience shifts in both the body and attitude.  Sandra’s studies, love and curiosity for this practice have led her to teaching yoga as a therapy, helping people to relieve physical pain and supporting their own ability for healing.  Sandra teaches Anusara yoga and teaches weekly classes, workhops and trainings. She is a teacher at EkhartYoga, an international online yogastudio.  She is an E-RYT500 and Anusara Yoga teacher. Occassionally she writes articles that have been published by, Elephant Journal, Yoga Moves, Yoga Magazine and her own website

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