Sun 7 Apr & Fri 24 May

Introduction to the Yoga Moves Vinyasa teacher training

With Hilary Anne Brown & Jasmijn Koelink

Explore your journey to becoming a yoga teacher!

The Yoga Moves Vinyasa Teacher Training Program (200 hours | Yoga Alliance Certified) is a world renowned program. We were the first Yoga Alliance registered program in the Netherlands, and we have trained hundreds of teachers – some who have gone on to be top teachers in the Netherlands and beyond.

We offer our program twice a year. This year we offer it for the first time in Den Haag (The Hague) in the summer/fall of 2019. In Utrecht, we’ll host our long program, this will start in January 2020. If you are interested in joining our Vinyasa Teacher Training program, we invite you to join us in one of our two Pre-TT workshops.

What to expect

Enjoy a breath-based vinyasa & alignment oriented practice; integrating some refinements you would enjoy in a teacher training.
Explore a few challenging asanas in depth, learn about the art of teaching and the power of yoga as a way to support others grow and feel empowered.
Dive into a breathing practice that is simple yet powerful – integrate this in your practice for your whole lifetime!

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Teacher | Location | Date | Time | Address

Hilary Brown | Yogaseads | Sun 7 Apr | 13.30-18.00 | Maaswijkstraat 24D, Den Haag

Jasmijn Koelink | Yoga Moves | Fri 24 May | 16.00-20.30 | Jan van Scorelstraat 41, Utrecht

Price €45 | Sign up within three (3) days to the vinyasa teacher training and enjoy €25 off of the enrollment fee.


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About the teachers

Hilary Anne Brown

Hilary Anne Brown is the founder of Yoga Moves, which she opened in Utrecht in the summer of 2001. A native Californian, Hilary has studied and practiced many forms of yoga, healing arts, massage & bodywork and dance since the early 1980s. She has yoga teaching certificates in Iyengar, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa (Prana) Flow, and is recognized as an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500) since 2006. She has studied with numerous known and unknown yogis to whom she is ever grateful.

Hilary teaches a lyrical form of vinyasa yoga, a fluid but precise, dynamic yet relaxed method that incorporates the breath as a focus of moving meditation. She teaches with sensitivity and strength, letting you discover what yoga can bring to your life in a real and tangible ways. Breath is always a theme in her work, but equally understanding and feeling what you are doing. Alignment is a key ingredient and joy a natural outcome of her teaching. Sometimes you will laugh, cry or dance in her classes! Hilary is a committed yogi that helps her students take a step closer to themselves.

“.. it is rare to find a Vinyasa teacher with solid experience and true wisdom, who can introduce new technical material, while at the same time guide her students to surrender into the depth of breath and the pleasure of flow.” Gayle Olson, Exotic Yoga Retreats

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Jasmijn Koelink

Jasmijn, trained as a social- and organizational psychologist, discovered yoga in her mid-twenties and immediately loved it. A few years into her practice, she completed the Teacher Training at Yoga Moves and has been teaching ever since. She currently teaches vinyasa flow, yin yoga and the slow flow style that one of her teachers, Hilary Brown, developed. Jasmijn’s style is further inspired by teacher Max Strom – and his breath-focused approach to yoga. She regularly participates in workshops by different teachers to deepen her understanding of her own practice and the art of teaching.

Jasmijn strives to flavor her classes with kindness by emphasizing individual adjustments and offering different levels for different bodies. They are breath-oriented, intense, yet grounding at the same time. An active meditation student herself, she integrates a meditative style of teaching into her classes where there is more stillness in between -and in- postures, to allow more body awareness.

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