Sun 5 May

Intro to Inner Axis

With Jasmijn Koelink

Develop a sustainable life practice

Max Strom’s interdisciplinary system called, Inner Axis, helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, and burnout. It produces a level of fitness that makes you sleep better at night, feel better during the day, and therefore function at a higher level in your relationships and your life-work. Inner Axis incorporates breath-based yoga and chi gong movements and mindfulness. Every class offers several levels to accommodate your capacity. Because of its success across the world, Inner Axis is now being adopted by corporations as a sustainable wellness program.

In this workshop we will be exploring the essential elements of this sustainable life practice. All fitness levels are welcome and will feel at home. The session will consist of a lecture followed by a practice of breath initiated movement and healing patterns of yoga postures.

Topics of lecture:

  • The emotional state of our culture
  • The essentials of breath-work and its emotional impact
  • Dynamic meditation and focus
  • Wisdom beyond the mat

Date & time 5 May | 14.00-16.00

Location St Janshovenstraat 1

Price tbd


Opens soon

About the teacher

Jasmijn Koelink

Jasmijn, trained as a social- and organizational psychologist, discovered yoga in her mid-twenties and immediately loved it. A few years into her practice, she completed the Teacher Training at Yoga Moves and has been teaching ever since. She currently teaches vinyasa flow, yin yoga and the slow flow style that one of her teachers, Hilary Brown, developed. Jasmijn’s style is further inspired by teacher Max Strom – and his breath-focused approach to yoga. She regularly participates in workshops by different teachers to deepen her understanding of her own practice and the art of teaching.

Jasmijn strives to flavor her classes with kindness by emphasizing individual adjustments and offering different levels for different bodies. They are breath-oriented, intense, yet grounding at the same time. An active meditation student herself, she integrates a meditative style of teaching into her classes where there is more stillness in between -and in- postures, to allow more body awareness.

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