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10 Days of Hot Yoga in a Row

Detoxify, Energize and Build a Strong Body and Mind

Commit to the process and feel great! Experience for yourself the amazing physical, mental and physiological benefits of a daily Hot Yoga practice. Jump in and see how your progress and enjoy!

Challenge guidelines:

  • Start your challenge anywhere between 1-21 March
  • Prepare yourself for this challenge! How? By planning your classes in immediately
  • We want this hot yoga challenge to be accessible for everybody. That is why we designed this challenge so that you can join with your starterscard, class card or subscription. So no extra fee.
  • Everybody (new, current and curious students are welcome!)
  • Feel free to bring your friends

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Do you know the feeling when you wake up in the morning and you’re overwhelmed with your love for life? And that at the same time you’re almost exploding from your own positive energy but stay calm as well as you know for sure that something great is happening. Life is happening.  Do you know that feeling? No?? That is how I felt during the Hot yoga challenge



Unfortunately I was not able to do 10 classes in a row due to my activities as an instructor. What I felt was that I got more focused and relaxed in my head. I lost weight. My muscles became stronger and more flexible. It became more easy to get into a pose. This is what I also experience with regular yoga, but the effect with hot yoga is more intense.



I went a level up in my practice more quickly then I am used to.
Because of doing the same every day you experience the difference in your mind and body from day to day and your own reaction to this more clearly.
The result is that I think that I will practice more hot even in the summer.
10 days was only the beginning…ready for the next

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About the teachers

Hilary Anne Brown

Hilary Anne Brown is the founder of Yoga Moves, which she opened in Utrecht in the summer of 2001. A native Californian, Hilary has studied and practiced many forms of yoga, healing arts, massage & bodywork and dance since the early 1980s. She has yoga teaching certificates in Iyengar, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa (Prana) Flow, and is recognized as an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500) since 2006. She has studied with numerous known and unknown yogis to whom she is ever grateful.

Hilary teaches a lyrical form of vinyasa yoga, a fluid but precise, dynamic yet relaxed method that incorporates the breath as a focus of moving meditation. She teaches with sensitivity and strength, letting you discover what yoga can bring to your life in a real and tangible ways. Breath is always a theme in her work, but equally understanding and feeling what you are doing. Alignment is a key ingredient and joy a natural outcome of her teaching. Sometimes you will laugh, cry or dance in her classes! Hilary is a committed yogi that helps her students take a step closer to themselves.

“.. it is rare to find a Vinyasa teacher with solid experience and true wisdom, who can introduce new technical material, while at the same time guide her students to surrender into the depth of breath and the pleasure of flow.” Gayle Olson, Exotic Yoga Retreats

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Irma Swanink

Irma Swanink Started hatha yoga in 2006 in Milan, feeling her body aching all over. At the same time being rather skeptical after years of aerobic/body pump, would it give the same work out? Also, working in fashion, a hectic and superficial world in which only appearance counts, would it not be too out of the box? It didn’t take long to get hooked and to feel the benefits, not just on a physical level. The weekly practice gave her a different look on her life and subconsciously influenced partly her decision to move back to the Netherlands in December 2008, after having lived in Italy for 18 years.

At Yoga Moves she has been enjoying Vinyasa yoga for 7 years now with teachers Hilary Brown, Marlene Henny and Sandra Carson, bringing her yoga practice to a different level. She followed the YM Going Deeper Course -10 days in 2010 and after overcoming some setbacks, the time was right to start the YM Teacher Training Course -200 hrs in 2015. She continues her exploration to learn more by regularly attending workshops from international teachers. As sport is a huge passion, she is especially inspired to take yoga into the sport world as already done in the US. Therefore she takes great interest in the technical part of the asanas, how to come safely into/stay in a pose. Bringing openness, flexibility and balance into different parts of the body so one can move better and injuries can be prevented. Holding poses longer with the breath for the effect it has on body and mind. These qualities can be found in her class, slow and mindful. How you approach your yoga is how you approach your daily life…

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Janneke Schuurman

Janneke discovered yoga in her early twenties, as a way to balance intense sports and to recover from sports related injuries. Only 15 years later, when trying to combine an intense corporate career and being a mother, yoga became a more integral part of her life.

She discovered her love for teaching by accident when she joined the Hot Yoga Teacher training at Yoga Moves. She has been teaching ever since, with passion and joy. Janneke completed the Hot Yoga and the Yoga Moves Vinyasa Teacher Training at Yoga Moves. She regularly participates in workshops by different international teachers to deepen her understanding of her own practice and the art of teaching.

Janneke loves to create a safe environment, where you can find your own balance between strength and softness. Her classes are focused on the breath and body awareness, finding the pose that works for your body every time you step on the mat. Her teaching style is lighthearted but at the same time grounded and grounding.

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Maarten van der Woude

Maarten has experienced first hand how yoga changed his life and loves to share it with you. He discovered yoga a couple of years ago at the local gym, when he was overweight and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Inspired by the healthy glow from his yoga teacher (how does she do that?), he started practicing yoga a couple times a week and slowly regained his health (and lost the weight).

Along his yoga path Sandra Carson, Marlene Henny, Simon Park, Jurre Twijnstra and many other teachers inspired him. Each teacher added something in his or her own way, making him the teacher that he is today. Never ceasing to learn from others and the world around him, and sharing it all with his students.

Maarten was trained as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher at Yoga Moves and developed himself further as a Hot Yoga teacher. Join his hot yoga classes and have this passionate and caring teacher challenge you in just the right way.

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Nanda van Kollem

Nanda discovered yoga in her mid twenties, as a way to find some peace of mind and to detox from a stressful lifestyle. Now 10 years later she is a certified Vinyasa and Hot yoga teacher.

Eager to learn more she regularly participates in workshops and training modules from international teachers to deepen her understanding of yoga and the art of teaching. But also everyday life is a big inspiration to her.

Nanda’s classes allow you to get out of your head and to reconnect with your body. Finding the balance between doing and being, strength and ease.

With her kind voice and a smile she will make you feel relaxed to explore your boundaries in a safe class. Nanda guides you step by step, sharing her knowledge along the way. This approach makes her classes very suitable for beginners as well as for intermediate students.

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Petros Lympertas

Petros is a passionate yoga teacher. He discovered yoga 15 years ago on a small Greek island and since then he fell in love with yoga and he hasn’t stop practicing since. Six years ago, he moved to the Netherlands and he followed the Vinyasa and the Hot Yoga Teacher Training by Yoga Moves and he is now a registered 200h Alliance yoga teacher. He has followed different trainings in Portugal, Spain, Greece and in the Netherlands focused not only on yoga, but also on healing and deep tissue massage.

Petros classes are playful and fun as he is trying to take you away from the stress of the daily routine and make you feel relaxed and refreshed. He welcomes people of all ages, shapes and physical abilities. His concept is that yoga is all about inner peace and stability. It is about exploring your personal limits and helping you to build a stronger body, a clean mind and an open heart. He will guide you with a positive smile and will make you feel at ease when you come to his class. He will encourage you along the way during your yoga practice to help you keep growing and to recharge your body and spirit.

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Serge Garnier

“Fall  down 7 times, stand up 8”…this Japanese saying summarizes Serge’s philosophy of life and his approach to yoga. After 15 years of very diverse professional experiences (working in the banking and jewellery industry for instance) and 12 years of yoga practice all around the world (Bikram Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin…), Serge decided to start teaching yoga and share the many lessons learnt on the winding road of life. Serge discovered the Moksha/Modo Yoga (Hot Hatha) series in Montréal in June 2011 and fell instantly connected to it and subsequently attended the teacher training in February 2014 in Los Angeles.
He deeply believes in the benefits and the transformation for the body and the mind of a regular Hot Yoga Practice. His teaching style is fun, accessible for everyone and with his special French touch.
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Vera Kaye

Vera’s first yoga class was around 2002, during her theatre studies. The focus was keeping the performers’ body in shape and able to sing, dance and act in a wide variety of theatre performances and shows. That changed after an intense period of dealing with injury after taking a fall. She took her first hot yoga class and was hooked. Practicing yoga was a fantastic way of figuring out how to deal with the new physical state in a healthy way in order to heal.

With the intensified practice came awareness of the importance of alignment. It revealed patterns and habits, some not so constructive (anymore) or even destructive in the long run. A great opportunity to do something about it! Results of that process quickly started to show on mental and emotional levels as well, on and off the mat, in daily life. Confronting as it was, sticking with it brought freedom and kindness. Freedom to leave distractions for what they are. Kindness to smile at being a clumsy, imperfect, perfect human being.

Having been a teacher for years (physical education and sports, outdoor sports, theatre) it was a logical next step to combine her love for yoga with that other old flame: teaching. Vera enjoys working on technique and detail to find the best version of every posture for every body. Join her classes to practice being shamelessly, perfectly imperfect and to have a sense of humour about it.

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