Deepen your practice

Immerse yourself in a workshop or training over the course of a day, weekend or recurring series with topnotch (international) teachers.

I am interested in a workshop in or led by or with a focus on reset

Max Strom Inner Axis 200 Hour Training

with Jamie Elmer & Max Strom
Starts Sat. 27 Jan. 2018 | 4 weeks in total

Max Strom’s Inner Axis training will teach you how to guide ordinary people through the experience of extraordinary transformation. It is designed to prepare you to teach people from all walks of life and levels of fitness, whether or not your student has a stiff body or a rigid schedule.

M.P. Lindostraat 4, Utrecht

Max Strom’s End Anxiety and Re-inspire

with Max Strom
Sat 31 March | Inner Axis Workshops

Experience the extraordinary power of conscious breathing and the power of forgiveness. A workshop and a lecture with Max Strom to expand your health and happiness! Don't miss this! Tends to fill fast.

Jan van Scorelstraat 41