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Immerse yourself in a workshop or training over the course of a day, weekend or recurring series with topnotch (international) teachers.

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Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga | Teaching with Awareness

with Hilary Anne Brown
27-29 March 2019

Slow Flow Vinyasa integrates deep conscious non-ambitious breathing, mindful yoga moves, integration of strong muscular based hatha yoga practice with qualities of releasing, pauses, day dreaming, attending to what is. Explore a rich tool box of skills, sequencing approaches and subtle practices that you can integrate in your own practice and teaching.

St Janshovenstraat

Introduction to the Yoga Moves Vinyasa teacher training

with Hilary Anne Brown & Jasmijn Koelink
Sun 7 Apr & Fri 24 May

One of the most common concerns for people before entering a teacher training is “Am I good enough?" Or "Is this the program/ approach for me?" Let us help you dissolve these fears by exploring the principles of alignment based vinyasa yoga practice.

Den Haag & Utrecht

YM Vinyasa Teacher Training (200h) | Summer 2019

with Hilary Anne Brown & Jasmijn Koelink
Starts 21 July 2019

The Yoga Moves program (est. 2001) is one of the Netherlands top teacher training courses for fluid, vinyasa-based and powerful yoga. We set the standard for quality in training and we get results: our graduates are some of the hottest yogis in The Netherlands and around the world!

YogaSeads Scheveningen

Going Deeper | 8 day course Fall 2019 |​ The Hague

with Barbara van Dortmond & Hilary Anne Brown
Starts 5 October

Enrich your practice and understanding of Yoga and learn how to connect yoga to everyday life questions and issues, with our 8-day Going Deeper course for curious, intermediate and inspired students. Give your self this gift!

The Hague