Wednesdays | Starts 9 January

Breathing and Meditation Sessions

With Sumati Nair

Breathe deeply and just be.

Many of us have at sometime or another felt the need to stand still in our busy lives and to give ourselves the time to just feel ….to breath deeply and to just BE. Most of us do find this rather difficult and challenging to do on our own.

In this 6 week course at Yoga Moves, we will start with breathing exercises which slowly brings stillness within. Staying in this stillness and allowing oneself to be in it, is an art in itself. With regular practice, over time, we will see that it is possible to be still for longer and longer periods of time. What we will do in each session of 1 hour and 30min. is to start with a short description of the type of practice for the day and then do the breathing practice. From there moving into stillness often develops by itself.

Since each of us have different needs, we offer different techniques of breathing each time. Hopefully each of us can find what suits us best. The sessions will be conducted by Sumati Nair, who has a M.A. in Indian philosophy and a diploma as an Iyengar yoga teacher from the Iyengar Yoga Institute, Amsterdam. She teaches asana practice and has been guiding meditation sessions in Leiden. She also teaches yoga philosophy within yoga teacher training programmes in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Sumati, who comes originally from South India, believes that yoga, in its broadest sense, is about finding the source of peace and joy within ourselves.

Dates & Time  Wednesdays 9 Jan – 20 Feb (not on 6 feb) | 15.30- 17.00

Location St. Janshovenstraat

Price €85  | €75 infinity/u-pas /students


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About the teacher

Sumati Nair

Sumati Nair’s travels on the path of yoga and philosophy began in her 20s in India. Aided by her teacher training in Iyengar yoga in Amsterdam,  she  has developed her special focus on philosophical insights and wisdom from different schools of thought within Indian philosophy in particular. She has been teaching both asana classes and philosophy for the past 15 years. What she enjoys most is inspiring students to look at “ reality” from the different perspectives, offered to us by the great masters, stimulating them to embark on their own search.

Fascinated by philosophical insights that yield a deeper awareness of our inner self /being, Sumati’s classes are designed to challenge and inspire students on their personal journey using tools handed down to us over time.

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