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2-4 Oct 2017

Inner Axis Training | Breathe to Heal

With Max Strom

Inner Axis Seminar and Training with Max Strom

We currently have a worldwide epidemic of stress and anxiety that is stifling our happiness and creativity. This special event will teach you how to use breathing patterns to help alleviate anxiety, PTSD, depression, and improve sleep. Many of these issues are due to being taught socially from a very young age to suppress and numb our feelings, leaving us carrying an un-reconciled and unexpressed silo of emotions in our chest.

Using breathing patterns for 10 minutes daily, as taught by Max Strom, can bring us back to a peaceful and calm state as well as gift us with insight and knowledge that was buried along with our feelings. With this new insight we are empowered to make new and meaningful life decisions.

This training seminar with world-renowned teacher, speaker, and author Max Strom is designed to prepare you to practice and teach his powerful method of personal transformation, Inner Axis, to people from all walks of life and levels of fitness. Whether or not the student has a stiff body or a rigid schedule, this course will help to ignite healing and transformation in your students and yourself.

If you are a teacher, healer, or have the aim to become a teacher, or simply have the desire to learn Max Strom’s breath work, you will find this course inspiring, immediately useful and indispensable to your journey.


Dates & Times
Monday 2 -Wednesday 4 October | 09.00-16.30 (1,5 hour break daily)

St. Janshovenstraat

Early Bird €325 (if paid before 20 August)  | Late Bird €400


Max also teaches Inner Axis Yoga & Breathing Workshops and lectures from 30 September – 1 October.  More info

The details

Inner Axis

Inner Axis deals directly with stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. It produces a level of fitness that makes you feel better, sleep better, and therefore function at a higher level, in your relationships, life, and work. Inner Axis guides ordinary people through the experience of extraordinary transformation. All fitness levels are welcome and will feel at home. The simple and accessible techniques enable deep transformation and meaning for everyone; all ages, abilities, and walks of life.

This course will include

  • Inner Axis daily Breath-initiated Movement
  • Breathing patterns to specifically target anxiety, depression and sleep disorder
  • Transformational breathing session
  • Emotional Healing/ Internal Transformation
  • Guided Visualizations




  1. Students wishing to enroll must have a passionate interest in Max Strom’s Method of personal transformation and a minimum of 1 year studying Hatha yoga or Pilates. We reserve the right to decline your application if you do not meet these requirements.
  2. You must have practiced with Max before in a workshop or retreat or with his DVD, Learn To Breathe, regularly for one month prior to the commencement of the training. Available at the center or as a download from Max Strom’s website.  www.maxstrom.com
  3. It is recommended that you read both books by Max Strom “A Life Worth Breathing” and “There is No APP for Happiness (iHappiness in Dutch)” before participating in the training. http://maxstrom.com/store/





Inner Axis Training | Breathe to Heal

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About the teacher

Max Strom

Max Strom is a global teacher, speaker, author, and trainer. His breathing workshops are featured in many conferences across the world including a recent conference for therapists and social workers on how to utilize breathing for emotional healing for their patients. His home practice DVD, Learn to Breathe, is being used as a therapeutic tool in mental health facilities in the United States. Max is the author of, A Life Worth Breathing, and, There is No APP for Happiness. As an in-demand speaker, Max has presented his work at three TEDx events, The first Wellness Symposium in Saudi Arabia, The World Government Summit, the Happinez Festival in the Netherlands, The Singularity University in the Silicon Valley, as well as countless yoga and wellness conferences. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with one of the most influential teachers of our time. Learn more about Max and Inner Axis at: www.maxstrom.com

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