Fri 17 May | once a month

Back Care | Iyengar Yoga Special Class

With Daniela Gfeller

"Yoga aims for complete awareness in whatever you do" ~ BKS Iyengar

Being present and aware of how to connect your physical, organic and mental body as well as the perceptive senses through yoga asana.

In the special back care class we will work on asana’s that are beneficial in improving your backs condition by understanding how the different parts of our body connect with one another.

The combination of movement, relaxation and the use of props such as the ropes or chairs will give length to the spine.  Freedom and release is created in the part of your back that needs attention.

We will look into asanas that strengthen the core and back muscles as well as how to use arms/legs for better support for the back in general but also looking how the hips, neck and shoulder play a role in the whole back care program.

The monthly back care class is open to everyone, feel free to inform the teacher beforehand about special back requirements.
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Dates 17 May | 14 June | 5 July 19.30-21.00

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Location St. Janshovenstraat 1, Utrecht


Back care | Iyengar Special Class

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About the teacher

Daniela Gfeller

Daniela is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher who enjoys helping other students by sharing her knowledge. Daniela believes in creating a firm foundation of yoga practice and then gradually building up to go into deeper levels. Her teaching style is challenging but clear and precise. She helps students develop their bodies and their relationships with their bodies and takes great joy in seeing them develop over time.

Daniela is a devoted student of yoga since 2001. She likes the active form of Iyengar yoga practice, the precision that comes with it and its physical and mental benefits. As a web and graphic designer she spends a lot of time behind a computer and she finds yoga helps balancing body and energizes her spine.

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