Sun 24 Sept 2017

Ashtanga Yoga for EVERY Body

With Elise Greenspoon

Revisiting the Basics and Fundamentals of the Practice

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga has a reputation of being “strong” and “powerful” and few realize that it can also be soft and nurturing. While the practice offers many gymnastic postures and quick movements, it is fundamentally a moving meditation; a skillful dance which is centered in the breath. All too often we move forward to quickly in the practice, neglecting the basic anatomical and energetic boundaries our bodies present us with. When we go back to the roots, we can develop a strong foundation and create a practice that is truly our own.
Join Elise Greenspoon for an afternoon of breath work, anatomy, and practical application to experience the Ashtanga Vinyasa system in a whole new perspective. This workshop is suitable for ALL levels, beginners to advanced.
14:00-15:00 Free Breathing with Sound
Learning the fundamentals and anatomy of breathing and how to apply the breath in the practice.
15:15-17:00 Breaking down the Movements
Breaking down each of the basic postures of the sun salutations and fundamental postures while understanding our own anatomy. We will finish the afternoon with a guided whole-body relaxation.


Date & Time Sunday 24 September | 14.00-17.00

Location St Janshovenstraat 1 | Utrecht
Price €39 | €30 Infinity Members
Level All. Very suitable for absolute beginners.



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About the teacher

Elise Greenspoon

Elise Greenspoon is a KPJAYI authorized level 2 ashtanga instructor with over a decade of experience in practice, ayurveda and eastern philosophies. In university while studying world religions, Elise was first introduced to new cultures and ways of thinking which opened her to an alternative way of living and a different course of thinking. She began to explore eastern philosophies and tried a variety of styles and practices including hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, yin yoga and vipassana meditation.

Finally, she came across ashtanga vinyasa yoga and immediately fell in love. Shortly after, she made her first of many journeys to Mysore, India where she immersed herself in the lineage of the practice. There, she also learned past life regression therapy and many other healing techniques that she is still practicing and mastering today.

Elise believes that yoga is so much more than bending the body. It is the most precious tool offered to us to move through this journey on earth. It allows us to be healthy and strong in both body and mind, it helps us to function at the peak of our possibility and most importantly, it allows us to establish a continuous connection to something higher than ourselves.

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