26 May - 2 Dec 2018

Anatomy & Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Part 2

With Jose de Groot

Based on the teachings of Paul Grilley

Immerse yourself in the energetic and emotional aspects of Yin Yoga in Part 2 of the Anatomy & Yin Yoga Teacher Training (part of the 200-hour Yin Yoga training, certified by Yoga Alliance -YA).

During the 200-hour teacher training you will learn and experience the healing benefits of Yin yoga at a physical, emotional and mental level. Part 1 (100 hours) you have focused mainly on the physical aspects (movements, skeleton and muscles) of the practice, which provides a solid foundation for teaching and adjusting Yin yoga poses. In continuation to that knowledge, in Part 2 (100 hours) you will learn and experiment with the energetic, emotional and healing benefits of Yin Yoga.

As an in-depth exploration of Chinese Medicine, you will study the meridian pathways and their connection to the organs and the elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal), providing insight into the energetic structure and healthy functioning of the body and mind. In addition, you will learn to recognise various forms of Chi, emotional, physical and mental reactions, and determine whether they are in balance. The practice will allow you to balance any blockage, excess or deficiency of Chi in the meridian, from within the Yin yoga poses.

Besides exploring the energetic anatomy (meridians and Chi), you will study the connective tissues, organs, brain and spinal cord. This anatomical knowledge provides a deeper understanding to explain Chi and the meridians; as well as the important energetic and emotional effect they may have on your (future) students.

As well as revising the muscles of the thigh and torso, in Part 2 you will also learn the muscles of the upper body. This newly obtained energetic and anatomical knowledge will be applied to the 20 Yin poses analysed in part 1, and the 10 new Yin poses that you will examine in Part 2.

In addition to a daily yin yoga and meditation practice, you will also have extensive practical experience of teaching, sequencing, adjusting and the usage of props. On completion of Part 2 you will be able to teach safe, personal and in-depth Yin yoga classes. This new knowledge of meridians, chi and Chinese Medicine will also deepen your individual Yin yoga practice, and personal development.

Part 2 encourages continuous experimentation and reflection in both your personal Yin yoga and meditation practice, with on-going guidance and support of your personal progress and practice. Furthermore, you will study parts of the Yoga Sutras.

The details

Dates, Certification & Pricing
Book List

The training is open to those who have successfully completed Part 1 one of the training. For admission, you must have practiced Yin yoga regularly for at least 12 months; a weekly 90-minute Yin yoga class, a total of 72 hours. Within these twelve months you have to at least have practiced 12 classes with experienced Yin yoga teachers. The 36 hours you have practiced for Part 1 can be used to get to a total of 72 hours.

Online classes are not included, unless there is no other option (please discuss the options with José).

Apart from taking regular classes, we advise you to take José’s specific online meridian orientated classes and/or master classes, or participate in a Yin Yoga & Reiki retreat and/or workshop that focusses on Chinese Medicine. In addition you can also take classes or workshops with the faculty guest teachers.

For a list of experienced Yin yoga teachers contact our training manager.


Before and during the program, you should take into account the additional time to be dedicated to self-study.

  • Homework assignments
  • Attending/observing Yin yoga classes
  • Creating and maintaining your own Yin yoga and meditation practice
  • Practicing teaching (individually and in groups)
  • Reading/studying the given material

For the Tutorial Specification, contact our training manager.

Required material

Read books 1 & 2 before the start of the training. This material already provides both an energetic/anatomical basis (Chi/Meridians). Book 3 will be read during the training. Parts of books 1, 2 and 3 from Part 1 will be read during the Part 2 training.

Book 1:   “Insight Yoga” – Sarah Powers
Book 2:   “Yin Yoga principles & practice” – Paul Grilley

Book 3:   “The yin yoga kit”- Biff Mithoefer 

Books of Part 1:
* Book 1:   “The Key muscles of Yoga” – Ray Long
* Book 2:   “Anatomy of Movement” – Blandine Calais –Germain
* Book 3:   “The complete guide to Yin Yoga” – Bernie Clark

Recommended material (optional)

Book:  “Thieme atlas of anatomy (neck and internal organ)” – Michael Schuenke, Erik Schultz, Udo Schumacher
Book:  “Theories of the chakras : bridge to higher consciousness” – Hiroshi Motoyama
Book:  “Awakening of the chakras and emancipation” – Hiroshi Motoyama
Book:  “Eastern Body Western Mind” – Anodea Judith


The reader is in English, as is the case for the aforementioned material requirements.
Depending on the participating students, the training will be given in English or Dutch.

Jose de Groot Yin Yoga TT

Dates and schedule

7 Days:             Saturday 26th May – Saturday 2nd June 2018: 09:00 – 16:30  (free on Wednesday 30th May 2018)
1e weekend:    23rd & 24th June 2018: 09:00 – 16:30
2e weekend:    8th & 9th September 2018: 09:00 – 16:30
3e weekend:    30th November t/m 2nd December 2018: 09:00 – 16:30


After successfully completing Part 1 & 2 of the teacher training – each one is 100-hours- you will receive a 200-hour certification for the Anatomy & Yin Yoga Teacher Training offered by José. This training is certified by Yoga Alliance. You now can register with Yoga Alliance.



Price:    €1210,-

* Full payment is required to ensure your place. Registration is confirmed when your transfer is complete. 

* Above prices exclude the required material and reader (€30)

The reader can be purchased when the training starts (payment in cash). Most books can be ordered at Yoga Moves. The remaining material can be purchased online.

Information & Registration

If you meet the below requirements, you can register for this course by mailing Yoga Moves. You will be sent an application form.

In case of doubt, please contact José directly.

You will get a manual during this training. Please know this manual costs €35, which you will be asked to pay in cash on the first day.

Required book list:

Book 1: Insight Yoga – Sarah Powers

Book 2: Yin Yoga principles & practice – Paul Grilley

Book 3: The yin yoga kit- Biff Mithoefer

The Key Muscles of Yoga – Ray Long (also used in Part 1)

Anatomy of Movement – Blandine Calais/Germain (also used in Part 1)

The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga – Bernie Clark (also used in Part 1)


Recommended material: 

Yin Yoga DVD – Paul Grilley (DVD)

Yin Yoga Outline of a quiet practice – Paul Grilley

Anatomy of Movement – Blandine Calais/Germain

Thieme atlas of anatomy (neck and internal organ) – Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher

Thieme atlas of anatomy general anatomy and musculoskeletal system – Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher

Theories of the chakras : bridge to higher consciousness – Hiroshi Motoyama

Awakening of the chakras and emancipation – Hiroshi Motoyama

Eastern Body Western Mind – Anodea Judith


Anatomy & Yin teacher training Part 2


Sign up via application form > mail us.


About the teacher

Jose de Groot

José de Groot’s passion is yoga & dance and she is greatly interested in anatomy, physiology, psychology and philosophy. At Yoga Moves, she teaches yoga anatomy workshops and yin teacher trainings. Here she combines yoga practice, meditation, philosophy and practical understanding of anatomy. In everything, José offers seeps through the conviction that everyone is different and unique, therefore the yoga & meditation practice should be adjusted accordingly. Offering personal adjustments and variations for each yoga pose, she meets your physical and/or emotional needs. You can expect to be triggered in discovering your own yoga practice with endless possibilities and no limitations. José’s workshops and trainings are an opportunity to experience and explore all that you are to the fullest.

José offers anatomy workshops and Yin trainings as well in Finland and Spain. Together with Jordi Ibern, a Reiki therapist, she teaches Yin yoga & Reiki workshops and retreats in Europe. Besides Yin yoga, Jose has specialised herself in Fertility yoga which she developed with Martine Cornelissen, an acupuncturist. Together they offer Fertility retreats for women who want get and stay pregnant. Currently José is writing her first book on practical anatomy applied to yoga.

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