Sat 1 Sept | Afternoon Workshop

Yin and Inner Nourishment | Earth

With Lobke Brouwer & Marjon Rozema

Nourish your body, mind and soul by honouring the 5 elements.

Tune into the late Summer with this special workshop and align your body with the seasons. You will gain insight in what supports your digestion best this time of year and are guided through a sequence designed especially for late Summer.

In our bodies the stomach, pancreas, spleen, jaws, teeth and gums are ruled by the Earth Element. We will translate this in a sequence stimulating the stomach and spleen, creating more space in the front of the body and facilitating your digestive system. Late Summer and the Earth Element belong together. Here it’s all about being centred, grounded and feel stability. This is the time of year to nurture yourself and reap what we’ve sown. The Earth Element is in full bloom in Indian Summer, a golden period just before the waning of the light.

5 Element Food Coach Lobke will help you gain insight on what supports your digestive system best this time of year. Taste a sample of Earth inspired food and get grounded! Marjon and Lobke are looking forward to share their knowledge with you.  Try out this brand new combination of Yin Yoga & 5 Element Food at Yoga Moves!

Date Saturday 1 September | 14.00-17.00
Price per workshop €45
Location Jan van Scorelstraat 41
Level All | No experience needed

5 Elements

The basis of this series is the Chinese 5 Element Theory, where every element has its own taste, color, emotions and organs. This theory might be from ancient times, it’s very easy to apply to everyday life and recognizable for all of us. The elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are fundamental to the cycles of nature and reflected in our bodies, emotional wellbeing and state of mind.

In the workshops we will both learn, move, find silence, meditate, digest and nourish ourselves.  Marjon will lead you through a Yin Yoga sequence especially designed for each element, complemented by a nutrition advice by Lobke supporting your digestion.

Dates coming up
Metal Element | Saturday 13 October    14.00 – 17.00
Water Element | Sunday 16 December  14.00 – 17.00


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About the teachers

Lobke Brouwer

Lobke has been interested in food and its healing power for as long as she can remember. nLong before the food hype as we now know it, her mother made sure at home they ate organic food. Sickness and health issues inspired her to nurture her familiy in a healthy way, with hardly any additives.

As a teenager Lobke pursued her interest in food working in the nature food shop and a vegetarian restaurant. Now she has her own family. First hand, she has seen the effect of food on her children’s health. She has made her passion her profession, inspiring and helping others with implementing food as a tool to feel more energetic and healthy.

Lobke is a 5 Element Food specialist, educating teachers at the Do-In School and teaching Do- In Yoga. Her main inspiration is the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory of the 5 Elements. On a regular basis she gives workshops and cooks on site for events such as the Yogafestival and for Yogaminds. She would like to share her experiences with the healing power of food. For Lobke, food is the basis of our wellbeing:

‘As 60 % of our energy comes from our nutrition, and 40% from our breath, it’s evident why food is our basis. Getting back to our basis is my mission, so we all can support our bodies and wellbeing by living along with the seasons.‘

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Marjon Rozema

Marjon discovered yoga in her late twenties. Working as a tv journalist, she dealt with stressful deadlines on a daily basis. Yoga for her initially was a way to find peace and calm inside. As the years went by, her visits to yoga studios increased. In 2005 she started her family and slowly intensified her practice. She noticed the effect of yoga on her wellbeing. Not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

After her second son was born in 2008, Marjon finally decided to give herself a ‘treat’: she took a year off and started the Teacher Training at Yoga Moves. In hindsight this was the best gift she could have ever given herself! Ever since she can’t imagine a life without yoga. She still works in tv. However, yoga makes her follow her heart and ‘gut feeling’ more, making her life lighter and less strenuous.

Marjon has broadened her horizon with Yin Yoga, after studies with José de Groot, Sarah Powers and Anoshe Overington. She currently teaches yin (flow) yoga and vinyasa flow.

Being a late starter, she can relate to beginners and will make everyone feel at ease. Her warmth and humor will make sure you feel safe and secure. With a lot of attention she will guide and challenge you according to your capacity. You can attend her classes on Sunday and Wednesday. Be there to expect a well thought out mixture of yin postures, meditation and breath. Marjon is looking forward to see you there!


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